20 September 2012

6 Quick Ways To Get Traffic From Youtube


6 Quick Ways To Get Traffice From YoutubeIt’s no secret that video marketing is one of the best ways to promote your blog and your brand nowadays in the blogging field. Create a video that’s educational, artistic, funny, entertaining or interesting enough so that to capture the proper  attention of your blog audience, and you’ll surely made some new  fan who can’t wait to subscribe to your YouTube channel or share your video on social networks with family and friends, but in the end of the day, what you really want is for people to take enough of an interest in you so that they give their time to subscribe on your channel and rapidly  visit your website or blog.
Youtube is is the best video website served by google,daily tons of visitors l  Youtube for different purpose.Some use it as a source of entertainment whhere some other use it to promote their business completely free.If we use Youtube properly and effectively  we can get  traffic for our website.Now you will be thinking how you can get traffic from Youtube their are tons and tons of videos available on Youtube and thousands of videos are being uploaded daily so how our video will get notice by visitors  and would generate views which will help us to increase our blog  traffic? well not to worry today we will show you the way,so stay.

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Attractive Profile

Just like other social networking website an attractive profile is the first step to get noticed.If some one liked your video and would go to your profile to go for something more about you and find your profile is not yet completed and their is no further information about you then he/she will not even bother to visit your profile next time.So it is highly important to make your profile attractive and complete.

Quality Profile

As we Already Mentioned there are tons of videos which means there is no shortage of videos on there.So you should try to post a unique video which is quite difficult but not impossible.You don't need to post high definition (HD) videos but your videos should  be of decent quality,so that viewer can watch your video comfortably.Try to select a specific topic for your video don't waste your time with  unrelated videos.

Website Logo and Url

This is the most vital part.Including your website LOGO and URL is the key to build traffic.You should insert Logo in the starting of the video and in the ending of the video or if you have little knowlege about video editing then adding a small Logo with url on the top throughout the video will increase lots of visitors.You may also also take the help of pinacle,movie maker like software to insert some credits as well into your uploaded video.


its very important  to promote your video.You can also use Facebook.Sharing video on facebook  is the key as user share them with there friends and so on.If you sit back and don't do any thing like that it will not improve your video views.So,don't think people will visit your videos by searching.You have to put  some efforts to get views.

Search Friendly Short Video

Although you can create long videos and post them on Youtube, but its always recommended to post Videos which are short. Visitors don’t like to view Long Videos and if you have placed your Blog URL at the end of the Video, then it will not be seen cause they will probably move onto other video. So create short Videos for 2-3 minutes, the Visitors will view your whole video and they will see your Blog URL at the end  as well and you will get millions of traffic into your Blog.

Divert Video View to Blog

When you got lots of subscribers on Youtube now there comes the part  to ask your visitors to visit your website.You can try to build videos in which teaching your visitors about different technology stuff likes blogging,SEO,web designing and etc and then you can ask your visitors to visit your website to get full tutorial.In this way you could increase your traffic from youtube

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So what do you think?Will it help you?Share your experience with us using the comment box below.

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