7 September 2012

Alexa Ranking and Alexa Ranking Widget

Alexa ranking is an important thing for any blog.As per it shows the rank of a website respect to how much visitor that blog gets.So it's been always an important thing for any blogger.Alexa do prefer to rank those blog which have alexa ranking widget pre installed in their blog.As it can show the rank of that blog on the blog we should have try ot get that widget on in our blog as per it would help us lot in getting a good alexa rank.So it's most neede thing that we should try.So let's go through the tutorial part.

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Add Alexa Ranking Widget on Blogger

To add Alexa ranking widget go here and choose the type of widget you prefer by adding your URL and click on build widget and after a moment you will be given a piece of code that you need to install, now

  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on Layout
  • Click on Add a gadget
  • Click on Add Html/Javascript
  • Now  paste your code
  • Save your template and your done.

That is it, now you have saved your Alexa ranking widget for your blog and keep working on increasing your Alexa ranking. Thanks for visiting.
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  1. I guess it's good to build a high PR and a good Alexa ranking to keep other people glued in your blog especially advertisers.

  2. I can attest that this works because I've done the same on my blog. After a week, I saw a significant improvement in my Alexa ranking.