21 September 2012

Boost Your Blog Traffic With Yahoo Answer


Boost Your Blog Traffic With Yahoo AnswerWhile it come to blogging,we have to take care search engines cause they can send a high amount traffic on our blog.They provide the most traffic for our blog.So we should give importance to the search engines like google,yahoo or bing.Yahoo is the second most important search engine after Google and before bing.It has great importance on internet,yahoo has many services to facilitate there users.Yahoo Answer is one of it's best services,it help users to get loyal answers but the story is not going to  ends here.If you use Yahoo Answer intelligently you can get some fruitful result for your website.Yahoo answer could be useful to increase traffic and it can also build important backlinks for your website.So here we'll discuss about how to boost up your blog traffic using it.

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Before Get Started

Yahoo Answer is the top most online Community where millions of user ask question regarding their problems and get their ans from various user from the web.On answering question you can earn points and move to different levels from 1 to 7.You must read the community guideline before you  get started with it  prevent your account from banning or facing any penalty 

Choose A Catagory

Yahoo Answer is categorized, so look for the category which is releated to your blog’s niche. If you take Lyte Byte for example, it’s related to Computers and Internet technology. There are so many categories, so obviously you blog can surely come under one.. Each category also has many subcategories but these are closely relevant. To have a huge margin, stick to the main category.

Get Some Knowledge

Since you are blogging in a particular blog niche or subject, you must have  a fair idea about the subject even if you are not specialized on it.. Try to read more about your subject and get more knowledge. You can get that on  Yahoo answer itself. Read both the questions and answers in your category, so you will know what kind of question you can expect further from there.

Be Active To Upgrade On Level 2

The links that you simply add in your answers will be  clickable only if you upgrade to level two.You are awarded with specfic points relying upon your participation and for nice answers and you will  get 250 points to reach in level 2 and wherever  you'd add links ther are clickable and step by step clickable links can double the probabilities to visit the link so that  traffic to your web site will will increase eventually

Add Your Blog Link

If you've got been upgraded to Level 2then try and post your relevent post link that relates to the question within the reference section.These links are considered most important to search engine eye and will help you in obtaining additional traffic from search enginees and also inorganic traffic as users those who are interested in the answers will visit the link therefore traffic to your website is doubled.

Be A Top Contributor

Yahoo Answers  offers  points for answering there. a pair of points for a solutionten points for the best answer and one point for voting a solution. As your points grow you become the top contributor. once you answer a specific question, you may be shown as a prime contributor close to your avatar. By this folks might trust your words most than others and they will love  to click your avatar more and more and see what other queries you have got answered. this implies a lot of traffic to your web site.

Provide Quality and Best Answer

Do not spam Yahoo answers with unreleated answers simply to extend your points.This is not about to assist you,instead post releated and helpful answers and become a high contributor.By changing into a high contributor can help you to additional recogonized by users and if you post link your posts for a few answers as reference those post will surely gain some additional guests.

Workaround A Few More

If you don’t notice any queries that you will  just answer and link to your killer post, then work around a  bit. You write a post in your websiteraise your friend to post an issue on this, you answer with the link and raise your friend to vote your answer  as the best answer.You can also work around a bit more  if you do have multiple yahoo ids. however note that if others feel suspicious that you just  abusing the system they'll mark it thus and also the vote is additionally multiple voter based, So you must try your best  to look real and not a spam.

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Yahoo answers is that the distinctive and simplest way to achieve traffic and search engine recoginition and also respondind to new queries can facilitate to induce some new post concepts for your blog,so use Yahoo answers effectively to induce additional from it.

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  1. really, Very informative. I am on level 1. Trying to improve

  2. You're right there! I am level 1 as well at yahoo answer. I use this one to generate traffics aside from using Colibri tool (colibritool.com).

  3. That's very interesting! I should try that :D