4 September 2012

Difference between Wordpress.com & Wordpress.org

Difference between Wordpress.com & Wordpress.orgIf you are involved in blogging then you must heard about the best open source CMS blogging platform around the world named as wordpress.These days Wordpress become most popular as blogging vary widely on the internet. Name of wordpress comes in top position when it comes to the blogging talk due to its gorgeous templates, huge no. of plugins makes it best.Those who have sufficient amount of money on their hand to start a blog and quite new without having vast tech releted knowledge would love to choose wordpress as their blogging platform

Wordpress offer two different services Wordpress.com And Wordpress.org,newbie user generally preferred to go with  Wordpress.com whereas expert people usually switch to Wordpress.org.

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In Wordpress.com your blog is hosted by wordpress.com just like blogger. The url of your blog will be something like that http://mydomainname.wordpress.com . Wordpress.com doesn't give you the flexibility to edit template or adding some HTML codes.So,it is almost impossible to get ad of Adsense or something like that on your blog. Finally, with wordpress.com you can just  start blogging  for fun not for money.
However this blogs are easy to create and manage. It is a very easy way to create a blog with wordpress. This types of blogging is preferred for newbie user who are just going to start their blogging carrier.  


It is an advanced blogging platform provided by wordpress where your blog is completely hosted by youself in web server. On this type of blogging you need a webhost means your blog will not hosted by wordpress, your blog will be hosted by your own sever, Which you have to buy by providing some amount of cash to web hosting company.Thogh it seems to be complex sometime, but expert user usually preferred this method for blogging. This method is not suitable for newbie user who don't have enough tech knowledge,it's mainly for the expert or pro-blogger.

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So we hope now you have the idea about this two different service of wordpress,which they provide to their user,we also hope now it would be easy for to go with your favourite web host service wordpress more likely.If you still have any doubt then just do share it with us through the comment box below.
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  1. My blogs hosted in wordpress.org and also have an alternative site in wordpress.com.