20 September 2012

Earn Money With Bidvertiser

Earn Money With Bidvertiser
While out on the web looking for different ways of monetizing a blog, somewhere there is a quary “Is there any alternative  to Google AdSense particularly for those that got banned   from Google AdSense program for a few reason  or those who got ignored or can't even  get into the program?” There I just  realize one such publisher program, BidVertiser. If you're taking a AdSense v/s Bidvertiser review, some is also of the opinion that BidVertiser isn't up to compare with Google AdSense, however it is surely a viable option for those who’re interested to get money on-line or anyone who couldn’t get into Google AdSense for no matter  what reason and desires another supply of financial help from his blog.Therefore keep the show going.

Bidvertiser is one of  the most effective paying advertising networks in market nowadays.It may be used together with Google Adsense on same blog..

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Customize Ads

You can customize the size and format of the ads that will appear on your site and if you sell items on ebay, it is an excellent way to get coverage for your items. BidVertiser is designed to work similarly to Google AdSense. however, you have the additional option to display targeted eBay advertisements as well. Advertisers will bid against each other for your ad space, while their third generation bidding-based ad serving system will always display the highest bidders, assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time. The cost per click you get with BidVertiser is based on the quality and popularity of your website content. The more popular and appealing your site, the more cost  per click you get, whereas in other ad networks like AdSense, cost per click is always determined by the keywords, not by the quality of your website content where your high-quality site will get the same cost  per click as other low-quality site gets, just because you have a similar content.


Bidvertiser provides many ways of monetizing your website.One of the most important and easiest way of making money is using Bidvertiser toolbar.
The beauty is you can customize the toolbar.You can use your logo on the toolbar.This will give impression that the toolbar belongs to your website.Now you will get paid if someone downloads the toolbar and uses it for search.You can also download it and use it for search.The toolbar installs on Firefox,Internet explorer and Chrome.The toolbar has Facebook and twitter button and also Google Search button.The toolbar can be promoted on your own website or blog.You can also use it in your mails to your website users as well.
To get started with Toolbar follow below steps-->

  • Signup as  a publisher Bidvertiser account if you don’t have one already.
  • After signing up go to Manage Toolbar tab of your Bidvertiser account.
  • Under Manage Toolbar tab you will see create Add toolbar option.
  • Then create your toolbar.
  • Now get  the code of your toolbar and promote it on your website and website mails.You can also even download the toolbar.

SignUp Process

Log on to your account once you have created one and you will be provided with a few lines of HTML code to copy-paste onto your web page. As soon as you have pasted the code on your page, ads will instantly start appearing. In order to prevent offensive websites displaying their ads, they manually review and approve each site (usually within 48 hours). Within this time, your blog will display the default BidVertiser ads. Once approved, the BidVertiser system will constantly be utilizing the highest bidders to be displayed on your blog to maximize your revenue. As ads are being shown on your blog, advertisers will start bidding on your ad space, while the performance of your BidVertiser ads will be steadily improving over time.


You can earn money by referring both advertisers and publishers too with BidVertiser. This is what they say on their referral program:

When a user signs as a publisher and first earns $10, we’ll credit your account with $10. When that same publisher earns $50, you will be credited with an additional $40.

If you do own some site or blog and can't getting approval for adsense and your traffic is very high,we would recommend you  bidvertiser.It is absolutely free to join.

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If you have any buisiness and want to Advertise or sell things among various countries then must signup with bidvertiser as advertiser. If you have some doubt about bidvertiser that is it legit ornot. So be cool it is 101% trusted and working from a long time. It is a genuine site which pays thousands of dollars via paypal and from many other ways you may check it yourself.Now don't forget to share you view with us using the comment box below.
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  1. I tried bidvertiser before but it didn't give me any cents even if I put it in my 3 other blogs good to know it works for you

    1. Maybe something went wrong with your blog I guess.