7 September 2012

Earn Money with Youtube


Earning money online is getting a good response nowdays.Everyone trying to make this happen and after googling here and there just left their hope.It's very easy to earn some extra bucks online if you do have a little knowledge about online marketing.For this you won't even need much knowledge and skill.You can just do it even with the famous video based sites of google.Youtube.Sounds may weird but it's really possible to get some online money through youtube.A lot of people already asked  a me that how we can earn money from Youtube so today we have decided to share this information with all the net users.
This is true, You can earn money from Youtube. Basically there are to way that allow you to earn money from Youtube .

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First Method

The first one is easy and simple.First of all create an  account on Youtube. Upload short duration videos,but make sure to upload an original one instead of a copied one. After getting reviewed Google will generate advertise on your uploaded videos, when somebody will see and view your video, you will earn some bucks, You will earn 25$ if approximate 1000 people see and view your video.

Second Method

The second way is also very simple but you can take two advantages from this method.

  • By Advertising your Product
  • Generating traffic for your site or blog

This is most simple and easy. First  upload your video and upload advertise with your video and attach with it. This will absolutely look like the news channel running news text on it screen.So in this way million of people will see your ads along with your uploaded video. You can upload songs, movies, funny clips, dramas, dance, and other media clips to attract more and more viewer and earn some good money with out spending a single penny.

Note:you can upload 2GB data to your Youtube account and you can make as many account you want.

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So in this way thousand of people will see your video and ads, earn money and generate traffic to your site and blog. hope you will find this articles useful. Happy earning.
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  1. I have you tube but only for my children's video/recording of lives. Never thought of earning from this.

  2. My boyfriend has been trying to earn money via YouTube and it's really hard. Getting sufficient traffic may be the hardest step.

  3. Very useful post thank you. So it's similar to blogging then, you can also earn from advertisers thru traffic on your page. I will explore on this more, thank you for the idea. ;)

  4. Never thought that we can earn from YouTube. I only use you tube because my son loves watching movies.

  5. Got my Youtube account for 4 years now and I already done this for my videos, but not good though. I'm earning now, but I have to level up for more traffic.

  6. I'm aware of this stuff but it was just really hard. I hope I can be like those from Wong Fu Productions. they really earn bec they have fans