16 September 2012

Free co.cc Domain For Your Site


Free co.cc DomainIn this era of internet most of the users on this web have a blog or a website. Since blogs are more search engine friendly most of the people prefer to have a blog.Most of them are looking for free blogs in two well-known platforms,namely
they are Blogger and WordPress or some other went for tumblir,joomla,drupal etc..Since Blogger is serverved  by Google most of the people like to have their blog in Blogger. For  same unknown  reason Google gives their priority to Blogger blogs on  their search result,but there is a problem with Blogger. The blogs on blogger has a long domain name like “http://yourname.blogspot.com/”. So the readers have to memorize a long domain name to visit your site. which is not a pretty cool thing and several time you can even loose a certain amount of your traffic due to this. There are two solutions. First one is to buy a custom domain. Second one is to take a free domain. In both cases  your host will be remaining as Blogger.Though you may also went for a paid host as well but that's completely out of today's topic.

Get Free Domain

In our previous post, I explained you the procedure to get a free .tk domain. In this post we're going to explain you the procedure to get a free .co.cc domain for your site/blog.Click over the screen shots to enlarge when it's needed.

  • First you have to went for getting a free domain name. So go to www.co.cc
  • Next you've to find a domain name which is available and also it should be free. You may have to search a domain name several times, because some domain names are paid domains and some are not available. Check the following screenshot.

  •  Once you found a domain name you will see the following screenshot. Click on “Continue to registration” as per the below screenshot.

  • Now you have to make an account and make that domain yours.
  • Once you made it yours. You have to log onto your account.
  • After logging in you'll see your domain name inside your account.Click on it. Then you'll see a tab called “set up”. Press on it.
  • Then look at the left side bar. Press on “CNAME”. After that select “Zone records”. Now you can enter settings as per the screenshot shown below. After entering the settings press on the “Set up” button at the bottom. 

  • Next go back to your DASHBOARD >> SETTINGS >> PUBLISHING
  • Press on “CUSTOM DOMAIN”. In next window press on “SWITCH TO ADVANCED SETTINGS”
  • In next window enter your new domain name. Then enter word verification and SAVE SETTINGS
  •  Once you saved you will see another window which will look similar to the previous window. In this window you have to do the following things which I shown in following screen shot (Click to enlarge the screen shot). Then press on “SAVE SETTINGS“

That’s all. Now you have added a free domain name to yourblogger blog. Now your URL is short and easy to remember.

Note:Google is deindexing all co.cc domain.So be careful before choosing this domain name.

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  1. This is very helpful. I got myself my own domain.