1 September 2012

Free .tk domain for blogger or Wordpress

free domain
We all bloggers love to get a custom domain for our blog instead of using a blogger or wordpress subdomains.Sometimes we can't effort top level paid domains,so it's better we should go for free domains.So we found such a free domain for your blog named dot.tk

In today's tutorial we will learn how to register a free domain on  .tk .Her we'll share two methods of getting dot.tk domain for your blog,once is simple and second one is little tricky.


Method 1

  • First Go to Dot.Tk and check for your domain availibility there.
  • If you got your desired domain name then go for Sign Up
  • Next you have to Add a domian and check for free domain. 
  • Then goto  Next. and Put Your desired dot.tk Url(Your Desired Blog address). 
  • Then go for Next and that's it.You're Done! 
Now You finally have your .tk domain.

Method 2

Here comes the tricky method.This method may be little tricky but you can have your complete custom dot.tk domain,so here we go.

  • After adding the domain click on goto domain and click on Modify,as per the below screenshot.

  • Now you have to made your custom settings for that dot.tk domain.You have to follow the below instruction for that,you can also take the help of below screenshots as well.

As per the above screenshots let the domain name is DEBARPANMUKHERJEE.TK so for setting the domain you have do the followings

  • Click on add new and your domain name without www. and insert at the front
  • Now add Cname Record and insert www.yourdomain.Tk and at the front put ghs.google.com

That's it you're all done.You can also take a look to the below video tutorial for details help.

So finally you got your free dot.tk domain for your blog but before that it'll take around 15 to 30 minute to directing your subdomain blog address into dot.tk domain.So wait for sometimes after setting this all up.
If you're facing any problem during this domin set up do ask me for help through the below comment box.
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  1. hi i want to add a .tk domain to my blog ...
    i have entered settings but it donot redirects :(

  2. but .tk will not added into search engine.