7 September 2012

Google Panda

Google Panda
Most of the bloggers and webmasters ar still unaware regarding the foremost devastating rule attack of Google referred to as Google panda truly. Google panda isn't an associate attack or any quite an endemic, Google Panda is associate rule cryptography that acts to  associate quality filter on search result that is developed by Google in 2011 to help out cyber web  to induce the standard data solely whereas doing the search queries.
“Google Panda acts as a high quality filter on search results, mistreatment survey knowledge to see fascinating and undesirable web site characteristics”

As we all know that making an internet site or a blog is just too simple as like making a email ID or associate social networking account, some folks produce blog/sites for sake of excellent things and with original and real data so they will contribute or share their stuffs that, they're doing or what they're willing to try and on the opposite hand there are too several spammers who simply need to make a load on search queries by making the spam web site. The word “spam” it simply not one thing to uploading viruses, malwares or another quite emotive and dangerous codes on a web site, currently more likely duplicate content carrier, and low backlink websites are said to be spam sites.

So google trying their best to filter this out give priority only to those sites which produce unique and quality content.So they introduced this algoritm named as Panda to fight against all such spam.

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Sites Being Affected By Google Panda

When Google Panda attack a website or blog  it copletely  removes that blog from the search engine results and make that blog  lower in terms of getting organic web traffic, in direct way it can say that it kickedout  a site from the Google search engines and as a result of this the site can’t get the organic traffic from the search engines so no indexing, no traffic which is equivalent to make your site into a dead blog/site.

Reason of Panda Attack

In real there are many things which make a website to get victimized by the Google Panda Attack and some of them most important facts which are responsible for it are as follows:
  • Low amount of Original site content.
  • Low area inbound links to a page or a site.
  • Low visit time on a page or a site.
  • A high% of duplicate content.
  • High Bounce rate on a page or site.
  • A high amount of irrelevant adverts.

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These are main part of Google Panda still now but google constantly working their best to make it better.
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  1. I guess, Google Panda seems useful for those who want a good quality website to visit. Hmmm..

  2. Indeed Google Panda can destroy you even that is about a cute fluffy animal. Actually isn't strange that google chose the only peace and quiet animals for their algorithm? I mean for google panda could be a google tiger or crocodile which can really kill you, literary..

  3. It's nice to learn about google panda as it can impact the way you optimize your post.

  4. How do we know if our blog is affected by Google Panda? Is there a tool to help us find out?

    1. You'll see a decrease rate of traffic from Google to your blog and many more,if your blog get affected by panda.will publish a details post about it soon.Be with us to get that.

  5. Thank you for this information about Google Panda. I have never heard of it before, but we need to be aware of it as bloggers.

  6. What a cute name for a service! Definitely cleans up the clutter of cyberspace. We should come up with more original content therefore :)

  7. I never heard of google panda before. This is very informative. Good read!