19 September 2012

Google Penguin Update


google-penguine-updateWebmasters and Bloggers have not even recovered from destructive Google Panda Update as they are still busy in fighting against it. But now we have to face yet another threat, Google is all set to release its new algorithm named “Google Penguin Update”. we don’t understand why Google always named these updates on animals as they are making use to like/dislike these lovely animals which are nearly unknown to us.Anyway jokes apart now it's time to some serious SEO conversion

The reason behind this update is to decrease the ranking of those sites which are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines. There main focus is to penalize those website/blogs which are over optimization with tricky webspam strategies.. The Latest Penguin Update may possibly the improved version of Google’s old Panda Update which is well-tuned to target those who are violating the guidance of quality content guidance. This effect not only can decrease our traffic but also can damage our SERP ranking well.

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But those of us who are not using such old-fashioned, spammed tactics don’t need to worry much. This update is mainly designed to affect those  website which has decent  or low quality content, and instead of building white hat backlinks are busy in abusing inbound linking guidance.

Google Penguin Update

Penguin is an improve version of Panda Update to the Google algorithm which was released on the 24th of April 2012, with the mission to demolish those websites which are over-optimized with webspam techniques. To bring traffic to the website, a few sites use tactics that don’t give benefits to users, as they are taking a shortcut which makes their site rank higher then its expectation. According to Google Engineer Matt Cutts

Google Penguin update will not affect those blogs/websites which are using pure SEO as they heavily depends on their content and according to Google content is the king. This update will completely change the way of searching it will not only give better search results but also give a boost to high quality blogs/websites by ranking them high in SERP (Search Engine Results).

Discover Hit by Penguin

It’s not quite hard to discover, just search some of your popular keywords in Google and check whether your site is getting the same rank that it use to get previously if it is getting the same ranking then you have survived the first wave. Now quickly look at your website statistics and check how much visitors is referred by Google. If you saw a major traffic drop down then compare your old stats with your current stats if so, then you are unlikely hit by a Penguin Update. But if you saw a rise in your traffic then Penguins is being cute to you so don’t worry. Saw no change? Then you are safe it has no impact on your website.

Reason of Hit

  • Comment Spamming – It’s time to say good bye to it:
It’s been an old trend to build backlinks by commenting on high page rank websites but as the technology is getting advance we need to elaborate our self. It is the time that we should stop comment spamming this not only irritates a blog owner but now it can also affect your site ranking. Most users only post a comment for the sake of getting a BackLink they use automation commenting which are over stuffed with keywords and links which makes it simple for Google to identify this, and penalize these sites which are using such spam techniques.

  • Overflowed Same Keywords – Killing SEO:

Keywords are the most essential part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it allows users to get the relevant content with the help of search engines. But most of the users are using it as a source of getting traffic by using these  blackhat techniques. They use the same keywords in every line on there article which makes Google to suspect why they are repeating same keywords again and again hence they gets penalty from google.

  • Duplicate Content - Another Wrong Habit:
we can’t understand why people copy others hard work, we have witnessed it million times. Copying content is considered as a crime, if we copy others posts then we will be considered as a content thief.We don’t know why people are continuing the same trend of copying, its time that we come out from the shell and instead of copying we should concentrate on building our own unique content. After the Google Penguin update, it is almost impossible to attain high rank in SERP by copying contents. So its better to concentrate on building our own unique content If we still continue to repeat copyright violation then our blog may face detention in form of getting banned from SERP (Search Engine Results) 

Google Panda Update

Google panda is alive so content thief’s should not feel any joy as now they have to survive the two deadly animals (Not really) who are ready to devastate the entire spammed web world. Few weeks ago, Google officially confirmed that they released an update to its Panda 3.5 algorithm on April 19 2012. So it means Panda will fight against low quality pages while Penguin will target spam content.

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So it's time to take about blog well.Happy and safe blogging fellow boggers...!!!

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  1. I DONT any much of this things until I drop by here on your blog. Its good for me to be added on my knowledge on my blogging terms xx

  2. So this is how Google penguin really works I think Google is doing a good job on this update.