19 September 2012

Kontera Another Online Money Making Programme

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Kontera-Online-moneyKONTERA is a PPC(Pay-per-click) affiliate program that allows you to earn financial gain by inserting discourse Ads on your web site. Kontera is  the leader in in-context ads. Kontera permits publishers to position ads on your web site as Context links (in-text) ads through that you'll earn whenever somebody visits your web site and click on on the Ads. Kontera is simply like anyother PPC(Pay-per-click) the same as Google adsense, however, Kontera guarantees the very best releatedbetween Ads and your page content

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Like Google Adsense, you'll earn lots of money with Kontera ads whenever somebody clicks on the Ads. Being a member of Hubpages, it is a great helpful and powerful tool to generating some  extra bucks. Your Kontera affiliate account accrues earnings, which may be saved once the earning reaches a limit of $100. Payments are made through Check, Wire transfer and Paypal.

Context Link

ContentLinks are contextually releated ads and information units dynamically linked to keywords on a publisher's web page. The keyword is linked to the most releated and best paying text ad from among Kontera’s thousands of advertisers
Kontera Ads can be published on any website or blog

Advantages of Context Link Ads

ContentLink is a Best-of-Both-Worlds rich advertising vehicle that provides several best  formats for ads on websites, forums and blogs. Kontera's advertising program offers advertisers branding and conversion opportunities within a single, user-initiated advertising unit.

Kontera's ContentLinks provides a variety of ad formats that serve a wide range of marketing messages while enabling advertisers to reach mostly targeted consumer audience

Make Money With Kontera

  • Make Sure Other Ads Don’t Block The Links

. If you have any banner that blocks  the Kontera ContentLink, then first get that fix. If people cannot read the full ad, they will not click on it.

  • Keep ContentLink To The Content Body

Kontera ContentLink works best if the linked keywords are in the content body. Headers, side bar, footer, etc should not be highlighted. You can control what parts of your site gets spidered by Kontera by using the following div tab.

<div class=KonaBody>The content you want Kontera to consider for ContentLink goes here.</div>

You can edit your site template to add opening div at the start of the article and then closing div at the end or you can add the tag on a post by post basis. This will keep Kontera ContentLink where it should be  in your blog content.

  • Prevent Headlines From Being Linked
Ideally, ContentLink should only link body text. However, there are times when Kontera will link a headline. Some bloggers may not mind this but  we  love to keep our  headlines link free. To prevent ContentLink from turning your headlines into a link, you may use the following ContentLink text filter span tag.

<span name=KonaFilter>Content placed here does not get spider for ContentLink</span>
By using the div tag to keep ContentLink in the article body and span tag to exclude headlines (or sections you do not want spidered), you will start to maximize your Kontera revenue.

Kontera Link Colour

This is the same as blending Google AdSense. Making the ContentLink color the same as normal links will surely  increase the click rate. This is not a hard and fast rule however. You may want to mix it up a bit and try a contrasting color and see how that does.

You can change the ContentLink color in your Kontera ad codes. The line which controls link color is var dc_AdLinkColor=’#xxxxxx’. Just change the x to your link color name or HEX code.You can try our colour code tool also for this purpose.

Add Kontera Content Link to Blog

If you haven’t signed up for Kontera ContentLink yet,then  what are you waiting for? It’s a great opportunity for lower traffic sites to take advantage of a great revenue source that is only available to high traffic sites.

Once you have saved your settings, you need to sign up for your Kontera account. Login to https://publishers.kontera.com and sign up for a Kontera account. Once you're done, you can check your earnings on your Kontera account

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