4 September 2012

Make Money without AdSense

Make Money  without AdSense

A lots of individual, ourself included occassionally, have recommended that people put Google AdSense on their blog in order to make money.  The main reason for this is often AdSense is the simpliest possible way to make money from your blog.
The problem with AdSense is that without huge amounts of traffic to your site the money you can legitimately make with AdSense will be very little.

So better we should go for earning money online without adsense online.It would be a great thing when one can earn some money online without having adsense.Here today we'll share that strategy shortly.

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Adsense Alternatives

There many adsense alternatives which also place ads on your blog reasonably similar manner like adsense.Though it may not be such effective and genuine like google adsense.Since google is the most expensive PPC(pay per click)advertiser engine.

There are many options out there for making money online without Google AdSense but always remember that these other methods all need considerably more effort than simply adding AdSense code into your blog.Those primary options are:

  • Affiliate Marketing (getting a commision from the sale of someone else's product)
  • Marketing your own product
  • CPA (Cost-Per-Action - where you'll be able to get paid for leads and sales)
  • With traffic you can get paid review gigs and such but we're sure that comes later for most everyone reading this right now.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing generally needs a website.  Sending traffic directly via links in forums, blogs, etc are free but that vitually not possible to pull off nowadays.  It's also really kind of spam like since the affiliate links are nearly always to a sales page rather than an information page on the vendor's site.
Once you've created your site - which can be as easy as a few pages - then you need to drive traffic to it.  This could be done through PPC (this can get expensive) and SEO.  SEO involves building backlinks to your site at several blogs and forums.

Marketing Your Own Product

Creating your own product is not as tough as you may suppose.  However, till you are fairly successful we don't see any reason to do so.  First, you have to promote someone else's product for up to a 75% commision and they get the customer support headaches.
If you truely want to promote your own product you can create or find a freelancer to make it for you.We haven't yet done this but we've read that you can get a freelancer for as little as $50. We guess you might even be able to get an eBook for less but you probably get what you pay for so be carefull that you'll likely require to rewrite any eBook you get cheap.
You can even join membership sites that offer you with products to sell.  The products need some rework so you aren't selling the same eBook as 1000 other people but much of this could be done in a day or less.


CPA is the hottest way running right now in the "make money online" world.  However, it is just a  simple way to lose your shirt as we've personally discovered.  You have to know what you're doing.  You need a very thorough understanding of PPC and the rules before you get started.  And frankly a lot of the most successful people are doing unethical and even illegal things to generate their sales.

Paid Review

At last it came to the part of the paid review,but according to the research the best converting webpages are fake blogs and fake review sites.  In essence an internet marketer creates a page with a fake story on it about how some weight loss or teeth whitening product turned their life around.  Several argue this isn't unethical as a result of it is telling a story and it's "marketing" not mislieading. We strongly disagree.

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So,to make real money in CPA you need to drive sales not only just leads.
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  1. I can't install adsense in my blog due to wordpress restrictions but I have consider other options like paid posts. However, I try to limit these as much as possible as I don't wanna sell out :)

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  3. rahulgoswami09.blogspot.com help me to get it adsensed

    1. Sorry buddy we don't provide hosted adsense account here,we only provide tips here.I guess you can go through this post to get some help Get Your Adsense Account Approved Easily
      Stay with us for more such stuffs. :)