18 September 2012

PaisaLive.com Scam Or Opportunity


Making money online is dream of everyone specially for Indians as a part time and also lots of new money making sites are coming now a days. One day a friend told us that there is a very good online money making sites present.After few days of research on it we got some amazing things about this site.We'll discuss about all in this post and after that we'll tell you whether it is good or not.

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According to PaisaLive.Com, It is an unique concept in which you have to logon to your account everyday and have to check and open the mails in PaisaLive.Com account. Below are some ways by which you can make money using this site.

  • You will get Rs 99 Instantly Once you have joined this website.
  • You will make Rs 2- Rs 50 for each referrals.
  • You could get upto Rs 5 for each PaisaLive email you check.
  • You could get  Rs 5 for verifying your mobile number.
  • You could earn Rs 1 everyday just by log onto your account.
  • You could makeupto Rs. 2500 for Special campaigns in single action.
  • They pay once in 15 days and payment mode is  in Cheque.
  • The minimum Payout criteria is Rs 500.

PaisaLive Money Transaction

We have shown in the following screenshot How the transaction of money will be shown in PaisaLive.Com where you can track your each earning details by clicking on detail link.


PaisaLive Money Scam

After reviewing this website carefully we found that you can't make money and it will take years to make money from this website because of the following reasons.

  • Reason 1: Click on the following image to see that you will get Rs 50 for first 2 referrer means 100 Rs for 2 friends and they you will earn Rs 2 per refer which is very less.

Means let you've registered and invited your two friends then you will make
Rs. 99 for Login
Rs.1 for login
Rs 100 for two referrals
It means total 200 Rupees if you got two referrers successfully.

  • Reason 2: Number of Emails Per Day you'll receive maximum 10-20 emails in your PaisaLive Mail but all will not be paid mails. Some will be from the website itself means if you are getting 20 paid mails daily means Rs 5 daily and montly it will become Rs 150. You can see the number of emails in the following screenshot.


In first reason,we already mentioned that you have to earn Rs 300 more so that you can cross Rs 500 balance and redeemed your earning via cheque means to earn Rs 300 you've to work for 2 months. Means you are going to make Rs 250 months only.
Now you only think, earning Rs 250 is good for you or not. If you are satisfied then you can surely  Join PaisaLive.Com.

  • Reason 3: They have mentioned in their FAQs that you can earn upto Rs 2500 per email and it will be a special campaign. Truly, speaking we have never seen any such program in India which will pay you Rs 2500 free. Think and tell us if you know any. So, It means they are just lying and making the fun of Indian Users.

  • Reason 4: In the footer of their website they have mentioned copyright from 2007-2010 as shown in the following screenshot.


It means they are working from 2007. But when I checked the domain age of this website then I found that this domains was purchased in the November 2010 and will expire in November 2011 means they are also not sure whether they will continue for next year or not. So, they have purchased this domain just for 1 year. Real Money Making sites generally purchase their website for optionally 10 years in advance because they are sure that they will continue further. Below is the domain age proof.


Main Business Strategy

Such sites just made for harvesting the email id and mobile number of users by authenticate methods and later they will sell it to the top advertising company and they will start sending promotional SMS and sometime you will receive marketing calls also.
Now,we guess you are smart enough to judge whether this website is good enough to spend your time? However, if we are working for 2 months, Will they pay? If still you wish to try it then you can register there.If you have got paid from this website, then please share some proof so that we can be sure about that program and will help our readers in future.

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