3 September 2012

Secure WordPress Login Page

WordPress Login Page
Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging platform with several eye-catching themes and plugins.It is basically a open source CMS.Due to it's high popularity the chance are higher to get hacked.However it is not so hard to guess any site's wordpress loging page url.Having some simle idea of wordpress anyone can do the job.So always be sure to make your wordpress login page user name and password must be very difficult to guess.Login page is like your house door,so always remember to make it well locked.

Wordpress allows unlimited loging attemt into their login page,so it's hard to stop hacker from trying  multiple multiple attempt to hack your site.So they can try try and try again unless they can have the right combination.This is called as 'Brute Force Login Attempt'.This is a most common technique attempted by several newbie hackers.

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Wordpress Username

WordPress provides their  default user name as ‘admin’,We hope that you are not using  that default username. If you're still using that then we suggest you to change it right now.The main fault  with that default admin username is that hackers will first went to try that that username and this will definitely make their work easier.

Solution For Wordpress

There is a plugin known as ‘Limit Login Attempt’. This plugin is programmed in such a manner  that the login attempt made by any unknown user can't be able to get more than a specified number of attempt and if he/she tries to login after that limit then this plugin will block any login attempt from that computer at least for next  24 hours. You can change this time limit & also the number of incorrect Login attempts from your admin panel as well.

Like this way this plugin will make secure your wordpress login page reducing the number of login chances  to your WordPress login pagel. So we would recommen you to make your password difficult and if you believe your existed password is not strong enough then just change it right now.

This plugin will definitely increase your login page security.It also do provide the feature of keep tracking the IP of those who're trying to login into your site and also notify you whenever someone been locked out into your wordpress account..Along with this plugin it's been highly recommended to use a strong password.

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Hope it'll help you to make your wordpress blog safe,awaiting to see your feedback on the comment box below.
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  1. I'm thinking of moving to WP, but I don't know where to start.

    1. Moving into wordpress doesn't need much more technical skill.It's very easy once you get started with it. :)

  2. This is very helpful as I'm using wordpress. Fortunately, I'm not using admin as username.

  3. Thank you very much! I tend to be careless with passwords since I am the only one using the laptop but still this is a very good reminder =)

  4. helpful post for a WP user like me