3 September 2012

Secure Your Blogger Page

Blog is like a child for bloggers like us.We spend lots of our time to stand it up.Always take some special about it,how to make it more good.After millions of hard work one day we finally got a good result and see our blog been well established.Whatif suddenly one day someone hack it down and delete it entirely?We guess this would be the worst nightmare they ever saw.So we have to take some proper precaution to make it secure,yes it's never possible to make your blog entirely secure from any hacker cause they are the expert of finding any loophole but still we can make their job harde by doing some tricky steps.So today we'll going to discuss on how to make your blogger hosted blog secure.So let's go for it.

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Way to Protect Your Blog

If the email address, which you use for login into your blogger account, is very old and have been shared constantly all over the Internet means at form and to create account on unauthorized website then now it's time to think about changing your login information.

Steps are very easy just follow the below guidance.

  • Log onto Blogger Dashboard,Then go to Settings -->Permissions--> Blog Authors --> Add Author.

  • Add new email (let's say email 2) address in the text area which you want to use as your new login id. This will send an invitation to that new email id.
  • Then log out from your blogger account and again log into your new Gmail account (email 2) to accept that invitation. 
  • Once that invitation been accepted then login back to your blogger account using your  previous old log in information.
  • Under Permission, click drop down menu appear just next to the new email id and select Admin.
  • Now you can login to your blogger account with any one of the id.  

new email adress login 

  • Log in to your blogger account with new email id and just delete that previous old email id by clicking the X mark appear next to that drop down menu.
  • That's all now your old email id has been replaced with your new email id.

Some Other Ways to Protect

  • Never disclose your blogger account email  publicly
  • Use a strong password
  • Use 2 step verification method
  • Avoid giving admin right to other
  • Never forget to sign out

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Well these are just some precaution you can take to make your blog safe from hackers,but still there are various other ways to unblock those locks.We are giving our best to make your blog secure.So wish your blog don't ever get victims of such hackings and stay safe.
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  1. Wow cool article to secure blogger page

  2. yes you are right blog security is a most important part now days it is really nice post for blogger blogs thanks nice post :D

  3. Security is not a big problem in blogger blog because everything is handle by Google Blogger. all you need to secure your email account and 2 step verification is the solution.

  4. Nice security tips. Actually if security is considered there is no better platform except blogger :) Thanks for sharing.