3 September 2012

Why Use Internet Marketing


What is internet marketing?If you're already a survival of this internet then we guess you already know that well.If not then let us explain it briefly.In todays world of  if you  do want to established your organization,company business or anything else then ceratain promoting is needed.As it is the age of internet so if we use this throughout  internet as a purpose of that then it'll called as internet marketing.Now  come to the today's topic.Why we should  use online internet marketing for those purposes? The reasons are many, but the two biggest concern vanity and leverage.

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Reason Behind Online Marketing

You should use online marketing for a plenty of reasons. If you can figure that out, it;ll give  you the ability to spend your time, not your money, advertising your business. It'll also give ou access to a much broader market than any brick and mortar business. It permits you to kick the crap out of big companies that just throw money at Internet marketing, a tactic often used to crush smaller business within the brick and mortar world.

When you get all the way down to knuckles, online internet marketing not only offers you a level playing field with the big or bigger boys, it also offers you a bonus,.we would like to call that  the leverage and vanity advantage.

Assume you just made a piece of great software and try to get started  a small company in the brick and mortar world. If you are deemed to be a threat by the big software companies, what's gonna happen? If you don’t get bought out, they're going to wipe you out. Since you have got limited resources and tiny leverage with retailers, you'll screwed, blue and tattooed. 

Online marketing is gorgeous as it flattens the playing field for all players, big and tiny. The key is search engine optimization. No matter how much money a dominant company in an industry throws at search engine rankings, they could never have an inherent advantage over you. They have no leverage, because there is nobody to buy off.What they can do best is buy advertisements, which most people don’t click. If you get the top ranking on search engines like  Google, Yahoo and MSN for your keywords, noone can knock you off unless they perform a  better optimization than you. In no way, shape or form would this ever be possible in the brick and mortar world unless you have a monstrous amount of money.

The second reason you should use online marketing is  vanity  Dominant brick and mortar companies use marketing firms to push their brands on social media like television, billboards, magazines and so on. Whenever the companies open a site, they often have these marketing firms handle their internet efforts as well. Crushing them on search engines is just like taking candy from a baby. They don't have a clue what they're doing actually, however the  vanity can never let them know they are paying triple the going rate for advertisements on high traffic sites. They just throw money at the matter, a strategy that fails each and every time on the web.

Type of Online Marketing You Should Use

You, however, aren’t going to waste money by buying banner ads and other crap that will only  waste your money. Nope, you are going to pursue search engine optimization on your own or through a credible group. While the dominant company is spending $20 a click for their ads, you are going to be laughing your way to the bank as customers pour in from your top rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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So,why should you use online internet marketing? That is the wrong question. The correct question is why aren’t you using this already?
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  1. very informative post on online marketing

  2. This post helps a lot of those who wants to boost their ads. Great job! :)

  3. Internet marketing can help businesses gain profit because they'll be known easily.

  4. oh man! That is about SEO again. If I just knew Im going to be a blogger then that was supposed to be my course in school. (is there such a course?)

  5. Just like any other modes of communication, the internet provides the faster means of spreading information.

  6. Internet marketing is what I'm doing now without purchasing anything or buying services. I studied the SEO, linking and other kinds of internet endeavors to put forward my blogging jobs. Your article is helpful and give another dimension to those bloggers who don't know this subject matter.

  7. I also do Internet marketing but without any monetary investment. So far my strategies work.