14 October 2012

Earn Money with Commision Junction

Earn Money with Commision Junction
We bloggers do love to blogging as a part of our passion,our attraction towards it,sometimes we do need money cause we are no exceptional.Sometimes we thought to earn some money through blogging just as a purpose.As we do lots of time in it so we have the right to make some money from it.In today's world nothing is free actually.So what if we can earn some extra cash from our passion 'Blogging'Yes it's definitely a cool thing for bloggers like us.Whenever it comes to earn some money from your blog we can see there are various advertisement platform out there.We can go any of them,but it's must be loyal and will pay some good amount of money to their visitorThere comes commision junction a well established trusted advertisement platform for bloggers like those who are interested in serious blogging..Many people are making money with CJ (Commission Junction), but this article is for the ones that want to learn how to make money with commission junction.

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Commision Junction

Commission Junction is large affiliate program network (like clickbank) that offers thousands of products from different industries/categories for you to get commissions from.

Get Started With Commision Junction

  • Step 1

If you don't get a blog or site then now it's time for it.. There are various sites which provides you 

free blogging platform,you can just go there signup  free, such as wordpress,blogger etc. If 
you wish to create a site you can also purchase a domain and a web host for your website.You can go with  Godaddy or Hostgator which provide good services with a reasonable price.So first you have to make a blog,If you don't have one then just grab it now.
  • Step 2

The next step would be to sign up for commission junction.

  • Step 3

After signed up you can browse through the different advertisers, they have over 1,000 to select  from.Then click get links from their homepage. there will be several  category available of advertisers,you have to choose from.Next click on a category to look at the advertiser list in that particular  category you have choosen from. To find out more details about their program you have to click on the advertiser that you find interest.

  • Step 4

Try to select an advertiser that sells a product or service that's come under your blog niche
, so that you can get more chance to earn money.Once you find such one you're 

interested in next click on the "join program" button and  have to agree  their 
terms and conditions so read them carefully before get started. Some programs will approve you automatically whether some will approve you manually.
Once you get approved for a program it will be automatically added to your link relationship list, a list of all the advertisers that you get  approved to post their links on your website or blog.
  • Step 5

For getting the link of the advertiser that approved you,you've to click on the get links tab from the 
homepage of commission junction. Next click on the by relationship tab,where you'll find a list of all the advertiser programs that have approved you. After that you've to  click on the view links under the advertiser you wisht to get a link for (make sure you select an advertiser that says you are active). If you select to post a link from an advertiser that is not active (or has not approved you yet) to your site or blog, you can't be able to collect a commission on the sales or leads.

  • Step 6

Then you have to select a link or banner. When you click on "view links" a list will pop up for 
all the links that you're able  post on your site or blog. Once you find a link you liked,just click on it and from there you can copy HTML or JAVA for that particular links and simply paste it onto your site or blog.

  • Step 7

Once you paste it to your blog or website, click publish and the link will appear there immediately. That's 
it you're all done, now your site is monetized by commission junction.Start earning money.

Hope you enjoyed the article, If you have any query,then please use the comment box below.

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  1. I will like to work and earn with earnonlineng.com on commission juction but am not frm US, will i make money with cj

  2. CJ is a nice option like Clickbank, Plimus, Clicksure and so..

  3. This is a great way to earn money online and also allows you to choose advertisers.

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  5. never heard this before. Is there any proof payment already that you can show us?

  6. I have heard that commision junction is really effective and great way to earn money. http://www.describeher.info

  7. This is a really clear explanation of how to use Commission Junction. I think it can be quite daunting for a lot of people that have not used the service before...knowing where to start. Following this explanation, should remove most of the confusion!

  8. Really a great post bro! I am new to commission junction but hope to earn some money with this program but a little confusion, how to get good advertisers, they decline immediately? Your words on this ?

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