28 October 2012

How to Move FeedBurner RSS Feeds From One Account to Another

Recently we were thinking that can we move our feedburner RSS feed from one account to another? and  found our answer. "Yes we can". Why you need to to transfer? we transfered our feedburner RSS feed from one account to another because our adsense account was at another account and our feeds were at another account, so it was not possible for us to monetize our feeds with that adsense account so we moved them to the other account on which adsense was enabled. We thought that it can be a problem for many bloggers so we decided to make a tutorial on it about "How to Transfer Feeds from One Google Account to Another One"

This is useful when you are planning to change your FeedBurner user name or selling the blog that is syndicated via FeedBurner. Instead of transferring the full FeedBurner account to the new owner, just pass on the feed ownership.

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Steps to Move

  •  Log onto your account.
  • Next click on the title of the feed you want to send to someone else in the My Feeds list, and then select "Transfer Feed..." Then you have to to enter the email address of the publisher to which email account you want to transfer the feed.

  •  Next enter your email address & submit the form by pressing the ‘Send Transfer Acceptance Request’ button there.

Now a confirmation will receive to the Email ID you entered.According to Google  you'll receive it within 72 hrs but it happens lightening fast, within seconds.

And that's it now your feeds are transferred.

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Hope it'll help you,please don't forget to subscribe our rss feed.Thanks.
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  1. This is very helpful. At least, you have preserve the history of your feedburners.

  2. Great post but i think google has just disable adsense for feeds some days back maybe not in your country i think

  3. I transferred my feed from one (google) account to another one. However, when emails are sent to subscribers, the sender still shows the old google email account. Did I do something wrong? I can't find where the email address is set. The feed shows up in the feeds for the new (transferred) account, and not the old account. I am stumped!