22 October 2012

Smowtion Media Advertisement Programme

Smowtion Media is an adverising network which will pay you per impression. They are combining Cost Per Mille, Cost Per Action and price Per Click campaigns. the entire earning that you simply get are calculated by dividing of those three  campaigns. They referred to as the mixture of those 3 campaigns as eCPM, or Effective cost Per Mille. It suggests that you may get money for the entire revenues of each thousand impressions that you simply get.
In order to induce paid, you will be able to use three options: PayPal, Payoneer, and check mail. Smowtion is extremely compatible with another ad networks like Text-Link-Ads or Google Adsense.

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Get Started

  • First go  to Smowtion.
  • Then click on create your account.
  • Next you have to complete your contact information. Be sure to provide correct information,cause it'll be used to send money from them
  • Next simply add your blogs and websites one by one.
  • Be careful while putting the tags (i.e. “make money blogging”) related to your blog.
  • Once you’ve pasted Smowtion tags (or banners) onto your blog or site, Smowtion started  learns about your blog and your readers, which help them optimize your eCPM after a couple of weeks.
Now a question may arrive into your mind.Do you allowed to  insert Smowtion tags on the same page as ads from other ad networks like Google Adsense? Even though it is written as compatible with other ad networks like Google Adsense on their website, If you use Google Adsense on your blog, we strongly suggest you to contact adsense support before you get started by inserting the tag.

Smowtion is a very profitable publisher platform for any high-traffic-blogs. Before join to their network, make sure you have a good Alexa Rank. If your Alexa Rank is very poor it's too hard to get approve. However if your blog doesn't has any traffic, you're earning will be very poor. So, take your time to get traffics before you went for it. If you're stuck, you can buy a cheap real traffic at forums like Digital Point forum. To buy 1000 impressions just pay for $1. Actually there is another way to make money from Smowtion just simply referring people to join. You will receive 5% of your referred members revenue's for 6 months. So, what are you waiting for? Smowtion is a great opportunity for new blogger who wants to monetize their blog.Let's join it
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  1. I already heard of this and some leave a very good remark about their services.


  2. Well, i will have to try this advertising company, but can it be used side by side with adsense?

  3. Hi, My blog is related to movies and i make a account in the smowtion. I place a script code into the blog but my ads are not showing what is the fault... And what is the right way to place a ad of smowtion into the blog...