6 October 2012

Blog Directories for Financial Blog


blog directoryIn the field of blogging there is no limitation.Much you get higher much you get preference.This can't be achieved without some rapid and fruitful task.You need to work hard constantly on SEO,getting backlink,building reader for your audience and many more constant task is essential requirement for this.getting some good backlink for your blog will surely help you to get a good SERP and getting much traffic from searc engines.Directory submitting is the most easiest task to getting some good backlink.So we Here again  came with a good list of free finance directories.It's so hard to come across good niche specific directories since most are paid or reciprocal. This financial directory list we compiled here  are all free sorted with their page rank.So start submitting.

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Page Rank 4

  • http://www.activetrader-links.com/ Free
  • http://investorlinks.com/directory/ Free
  • http://www.bloggeries.com/Finance/ Free
  • http://www.blognation.com/ Free

Page Rank 3

  • http://www.moneymarmoset.com/ Free
  • http://financial-directory.askbee.net/ Free
  • http://www.finance-directory.org/ Free
  • http://financebeacon.com/ Free
  • http://www.financedirectory-freelisting.com/ Free
  • http://marketmage.com/ Free
  • http://www.financiallinkdirectory.com/ Free

Page Rank 2

  • http://www.stockmarket-directory.com/ Free
  • http://www.the-money-directory.com/ Free
  • http://www.5thmarket.com/ Free
  • http://www.alifeoutofdebt.com/ Free
  • http://www.financial-portal.com/ Free

Page Rank 1

  • http://financedir.net/ Free
  • http://look4financia.com/ Free

Page Rank 0

  • http://www.financeseodirectory.com/ Free
  • http://www.blogsranker.com/Financial/‎ Free
  • http://www.bridgingloan-finder.co.uk/directory/ Free
  • http://financeworlddirectory.com/ Free
Hope this list will help your financial blog to get popular.As per as time allow we will try to update this list with more,so stay tuned with us by subscribing our rss feed.Thanks for visiting.
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  1. This list will be a great help for those who blog about money, finances, and the like. :)