1 December 2012

Display Author Picture on Search Results

Show Author Picture on Search Results
While searching on Google, you might have seen that with some of the search results Google shows the article with  author’s photo.It do make a strong preference of you on search result and visitor would love to visit your blog cause of that features.This will help to increase your blog traffic rapidly.This is really a pretty cool thing provided by google. Many people think that Google automatically selects people for displaying their photos alongside their articles in search results. But that is not true! Anyone can configure their website in order to display author picture.

As an example you may  take a look on the above screenshot.

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What We Need to Have

  • A website or blog that you own
  • A Google Plus Account
  • An About Me page on your blog. If you already have an about page where information about author is given then you need not worry. However if you don’t have an about page then you must create one now.

For Blogger User

If you have met the above three conditions then you may follow these steps:

On your website sidebar, header or footer add a link with the below code
<a href=”https://plus.google.com/GOOGLE+ ID”
rel=”author” target=”_blank”> Join me on Google+</a>

[Important: Do not remove rel=”author” else the trick wont work!]

Replace GOOGLE+ ID with your Google profile link id. You can get your Google Plus ID by going to your Google Plus profile page and then copy the digital code from your browser address bar see example below:

Example: https://plus.google.com/u/0/111174641965141679171/posts
The Google+ ID is: 111174641965141679171

Next go to your About Me page and add this link anywhere you want,

<a href=”https://plus.google.com/GOOGLE+ ID”
rel=”me” target=”_blank”> My Google+ Profile</a>

Again replace the Google+ ID with your Profile ID. You can edit the text My Google+ Profile if you wish.

Now go to your google plus profile and click the “Edit Profile” button and add your Blog/site URL and also the URL of your About me page in the “Contributor to” links section. You can also add other links in the other profiles section is you wish to do so
  • Go to http://profiles.google.com/me/plusones 
  • Click Edit Profile
  • Check the Show this tab on my profile check box

Next upload a Profile Picture of your self if you don’t already have one, preferably 150px by 150px in size.

Now save your profile and preview how your image will appear. Click here  and type your homepage link in the search box and hit preview, if you have followed all steps correctly then you will be able to clearly see your photo and name appearing next to your site title and description. You will also see a  message: “Verified: Authorship markup is correct for this page“

For Wordpress User

Depending on the template you use, some templates may link to the authors posts below each post title, you need to change this link to go to your “about me page” instead, because wordpress uses the rel=”author”tag and google bot may get confused and it won’t display your picture next to search results.
To do this you will need to consult your template files and change the tag <?php the_author_posts_link(); ?> to <a href=”YOUR ABOUT ME URL” title=YOUR NAME” >YOUR NAME</a>

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However this does not apply to everyone, it will all depend on the template you are using. Let me know if you have facing any problem using the comment box below.I'll be  glad to help you.

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  1. nice tip :D your blog posts are always helpful :D

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  2. I really want to do this. I hope they gave a similar interface for wordpress.

  3. I want to do it, i tried many times but I can't seem to do it right, So I gave up.

  4. Cool I can further improved the way I present myself to the web.