17 November 2012

Easiest Way to Get Approved for BuySellads.com


BuySellAds.comWhen it's come to competitor of Adsense the one name can knock on your mind is BSA.This is the most famous banner ads suppling advertisement network.Which do have millions of advertiser.Another advantage of going for BSA is it takes only 25% of your revenue income whereas adsense take 32% of oyur revenue income.So it's always a best choice to go for BSA if you do want to make some serious money from your blog.BSA only accept highly popular sites for their ad serving,so it's really hard to getting approve by BSA for any new sites.So here we're going to share some tips about how to getting approved by BSA.

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Some Basic Requirement

  • Your Blog Must Have Minimum 6 Months Age.
  • Your website must contain custom domain (eg. www.abc.com), Buy Sell Ads Do Not accept sub domains (eg. www.abc.blogspot.com)
  • Greater than 100K impressions per month.

  • Make Your Blog Design Very Nice.
  • Get Lot of back links For Your Site
  • Try To Get a better Alexa Rank .
  • DO Not Use More Then 3 Ad networks On Your Site .
  • Get A Best PR Rank. 
  • Must have weell amount of feed subscriber
  • No porn or anything illegal or containing even remotely “questionable” content.
  • Site must be in English 
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Getting approval from BuySellAds an xtremely large task,hope above tips will helpful to you and your blog.
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  1. Great Post!
    But please tell me how to get Best PR rank

  2. I see maybe I should try this website so I can earn more. http://www.reymondjo-ann.com

  3. Much like adsense but this seems a little bit better.

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I will try my luck on this website. I hope I get in! :D


  5. wow thanks for sharing this. Will check the site and submit my blog.

  6. Wow this is interesting way to generate additional funds.

  7. Wow gr8 site to earn more revenue.. thanks for sharing...


  8. Really Great tips. But now PR is losting its importance as Domain Authority is replacing the Page Rank

  9. Hehe my blog already failed at the third requirement. Meanwhile, I have to work on increasing the page views.

  10. It's nice that they only get established blogs with own domain.

  11. Haven't tried this yet but this looks like another good option to monetize a site.

  12. First time to hear that Adsense has a competitor. I'll try my luck but I know right from the start that I will not pass :(

  13. good tips for making money through blogging, but I prefer adsense because I'm using blogpsot.