10 December 2012

Free Blogger Classic Template

Free Blogger Classic Template Do you want to stylize your BlogSpot site with some new features?But as we all know it's not just to produce a cup of coffee it requires lots of hard work and concentration. Today we're here to introduce a new classic blogger template for you.Where we have used multiple WordPress functions to give it a professional touch.This template have latest designing features with impressive looks as well.Before went for it you may just go for a demo as well.You'll surely gonna love it after seeing the demo.


  • SEO Friendly: Since, this theme is developed by TechTrickHome programmers so it is 100 percent Search engine friendly template because we have utilized H2 Headings for Post titles with the combination of perfect on page SEO
  • Page Speed: According to Google Page Speed Analysis the homepage of this theme got an overall Page Speed Score of 90 (out of 100) which is a perfect score for a site hosted at blogger.
  • Threaded Comment:  we have inserted the Threaded comment that we are using in this Blog. Moreover, you can customize its style according to your desire needs.
  • Thumbnail Related Posts: In this theme, we have also inserted an automatic related post thumbnail widget that will list related articles at the end of every post (it entirely depends on the selection of Labels). It also has a Tooltips functions, once you will hover the related post thumb it will show the title of the post in the form of Tooltip hover
  • Clean and Captivate Design: It has a spotless design because we have used clean CSS styling which is responsive for Captivate display. Moreover, you can even browse through pages without facing any delay whatsoever
  • Three Column Footer and Sub Footer: In this theme, we have used two footers so you can easily list your all significant widgets in first footer while the credit back links can be displayed in the second one.
  • Header and Side Navigations: In this theme, we have assembled header and Site navigations in one line in a horizontal format which has complete changed the look of this Classic  Template.
  • Perfect Combination of Color Scheme: Most of the Blogger templates are not designed with eye-catching color schemes, so we have used most attractive colors in this template, which will provide more user friendly experien
  • Google Translator:We have used pre inserted Translator powered by google in this template to make it more user friendly
  • Read More:We also have the blogger read more feature in it.
  • Advertise Box:Pre installed box for advertisement.
  • Page Peel Effect:We have the beautiful page peel effect in it.

How to Install

  • Primary Steps
1. Download the template from this blog and save the zip file.
    The Two Steps are see in the below image
2. Unzip the template, after unzip you find a xml file

  • Secondary Steps

1.Login to your blogger.com account
2. Go to Blogger dashboard.
3. Go to .Template.
 4. Now click Edit Html tab.
 5. Before editing your template, you may want to save a copy of it. Download Full Template.See the below image.

 6. Upload a template from a file on your hard drive (.xml file extracted): click Choose file option button.
 7. Now save your template

Note:If you see some warning like Below Image, Click on Keep Widgets


  • meta tags and description:Within the template Search(ctrl+f) for Your_Site_Description_Here and replace it with your site description and Now again Search for Your_Site_Keywords_Here and replace it with few keywords separated by a comma.
  • site navigation: In this template, we have connected a widget which will allow you to add your site links without facing any glitches whatsoever. All you need to do is to add your Site Links along with their anchor text. To customize according to your desire needs follow the following steps.
    Go To Blogger.com >> Layout >> Favourite Site>> Press the Edit Button.

    New Site URL: In here, add your site Links.
    New Site Name: In here, add the name of the site category (anchor text).

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    We enjoy creating templates for other Blogger users and appreciate any opinions from those 

    who use them. Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions for this template.
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    1. Thank you for sharing this! I prefer three-column layouts so I'll consider this once I decide to change my blog layout.

    2. Awww I'm in Wordpress so I'm afraid I can't use this. Also, I'm using free wordpress hosting so I can't used customized themes other than those provided by wordpress :)

    3. I've just recently switched from Blogger to WordPress so like Michelle, I can't use this one. When my main blog was still with Blogger, I always stuck with simple templates. If you ask me, they're easy on the eyes. :)