2 December 2012

Free SEO Friendly Template


It is never easy to get a seo friendly template,at least while you're on blogger.As we all know having a seo friendly template matters alot when you're on serious blogging.To get top in the search engine ranking position a seo friendly template matters a lot actually.So it's always recommeneded to use a seo friendly template while using blogger or any other blogging platform.Tweaking with a demo blogger template to make it as seo friendly we made a  template and here we're going to serve it with all our reader in free.Hope you may like it and may also use it.

Here are the screen shot of home page and post pages of this template .

seo template 1
[Home Page]

seo template 2
[Post Page]

Note:Before using it be sure to remove your blog description. If you don't remove it the blog header will look nasty, therefore make sure you remove the description of the blog.

How to Install

  • Primary Steps
1. Download the template from this blog and save the zip file.
    The Two Steps are see in the below image
2. Unzip the template, after unzip you find a xml file

  • Secondary Steps

1.Login to your blogger.com account
2. Go to Blogger dashboard.
3. Go to .Template.
 4. Now click Edit Html tab.
 5. Before editing your template, you may want to save a copy of it. Download Full Template.See the below image.

 6. Upload a template from a file on your hard drive (.xml file extracted): click Choose file option button.
 7. Now save your template

Note:If you see some warning like Below Image, Click on Keep Widgets

We hope you enjoy using this free Blogger template. Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.


  • meta tags and description:Within the template Search(ctrl+f) 
After installation  checkout the below screenshots and change it according to my instruction.

seo template 1

1.It changes according to you post title.Here mine is 'Demo'

2.I have added my Demo  blog header picture here so replace your blog header picture with the picture "TechTrickhome". Search for this URL and replace it with your blog picture.


3.Your Adsense or top banner ads here. For some reason the text is shown below the pic but once your add your ad code you should see it on right free space.

seo template 2

4.Here it generates releated article of your blog posts (same label Linking) but does not show anything in the demo as i have only one article to that category.

5.Remember to change your feed URL and hope that you know how to change the form subscription within to your feed URL. Check "Feed URL".

seo template 3

6.Place your widgets here but i tried so many times to change the font color to white but i am missing something somewhere. Figure it out and change it if your good at it or else add a graphical widget for it..

Why SEO Friendly?

seo template

  • Title: If your blog title is "Top SEO Training" and if your add a post as "How to SEO" the title for the post will be as "Top SEO Training How to SEO" by default in Blogger. Which is not good SEO, so what I have done is to have your post title alone instead of "blog title + blog page name". Your post title now is "How to SEO", which is therefore 100%

  • Body: You would have seen i have just scattered the keyword therefore it shows 5.2%, which in avg it is said for better SEO you should have 2% - 7%.

  • H1/H2/H3: We guess you know the weight Header tags carries and as I have added the Header tags at the top, middle and the bottom it's 60%

  • Links: Linking within is good SEO and the link is placed on the post title.

  • Bold: we have bolded the keyword in my article that is why it shows as 33%, but i have only bolded it once in Comment section, See Picture

  • Meta Tags: N/A and 0%. The reason is to  not adding keywords to individual post on blogger because blogger doesn't allow meta tag description for individual post.

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Hope you all will like it.Thank you.

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