4 December 2012

Hide Hard Disk drive C,D or CD DVD drive in WIndows

How to Hide Hard Disk drive C,D or CD DVD drive

If you wish to hide your Hard Disk/Drive into your windows operated pc cause of some time you may want to protect your files  to be safe and be private. or you have some drive and you don't wish that some one else see it.

So here in this today tutorial we will going show you how to hide pc Drives which includes HardDisk Drives,that is C or D, and CD/DVD DrivesThis is basically a simple and easy tutorial.Don't need much technology knowledge,just follow the below instructions.

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Steps to Follow

  • First Open Run from Start menu
  • Then type gpedit.msc  there and click OK

  • Next Click onto Administrative Templates --> Windows components-->Windows explorer --> "Hide these specific drive in my computer". As per the screenshot below.

Hide Computer Drives

  • Next  A window will pop up Click On Enable Now select Any which Drive you want to hide.As per the screenshot below.

If you don't wish to hide Then Click Disable and press OK.

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That's it you've just done it.If you still do have any quary regarding this just ask through the comment box below.Don't forget to subscribe us with your email id to stay updated with such tricks.
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  1. I'm taking note of this for my important files.

  2. Nice tip there. This is very useful and helpful in offices to secure your files.


  3. I didn't know you could do this. thanks for the tip!