27 December 2012

How to Remove Blogger Navbar

How to Remove Blogger NavbarThose who use blogger as blogging platform do sometimes realize it have a god damn unprofessional look.It doesn't give our blog a custom high professional look.So we have to make several tweaks with our blog to make it perfect looking.We all see  the blogger default navigation bar present at the top of your blog.Which do contains some social share button with such an old fashionable look.Aren't you getting bored seeing this on your blog everytime you saw your own blog?Yes we too.Removing that blogger default navbar surely make your blog looks more professional though some people argue that removing navigation bar is against the TOS and i was googling and found out that this is nothing to fear of and its not an issue.

Remove Navbar

  • Log  onto your blogger dashboard
  • Goto Template
  • Next click on EDIT Html option under template
  • Now search(ctrl+f) for '</b:skin>' code tag

Then just right before this code paste the following code,

#navbar-iframe { height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none }

  • Next save your template and you are done

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Now view your blog to see whether your navigation bar disappeard or not. This hack should work out if implemented as stated above.If still you are getting trouble ask for the help through the below comment box,we would love to help you out.
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