6 December 2012

How to Schedule Blog Post on Blogger

How to Schedule Blog Post on Blogger
We blogger can't always give our time for blogging or blog.We do have some more works to do.Even sometimes we do need to take a vacation to make our mind fresh to give a new start on our blog but if we leave our blog for somedays it'll definetly get down on our absense in this online competitive market.We will loose our traffic as well.We can't do this happen.So what should I do?Are we not allowed to take rest?Yes we are.Here comes today's topic and that is to schedule our blog post so that it can automatically get posted in our absence and we don't need to worry about loosing traffic.Blogger recently introduce that feature for us.Which is very helpful bloggers like us.

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How to Do This

Schedule Blog Post

If you have noticed that when you are composing your post on post editor you'll get an option called "Post Settings" just before where you specify your labels. If you are not sure just see the above screenshot where we've marked it with red. So just click on it and you'll be able to manage  Post date and time.To schedule your post just simply change date to a future date that you want to publish on and click publish post and your done. Now if you have noticed your post it is refereed to as scheduled post. That's it,now you've made a post for future and its time to relax.

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  1. I hope people who use blogger found this useful. I schedule my post on wordpress too when I know I'm gonna be out of the country or on vacation for some time. :)

  2. I do this whenever I'm hosting a giveaway or take part in a giveaway hop. :)

  3. I usually space my blogs within two to three days apart to give me a chance to promote each post.

  4. thanks for this tutorial!! when i learned that you can schecule a post on blogger, i got really excited. thanks for the tutorial :)
    The Bargain Doll

  5. I do this too especially if I want it to be posted in the morning. And if I know that I'll be busy in the next few days :)