17 January 2013

Add Facebook Badge on Your Blog

facebook badgeBadges are a customizable way to share your Facebook information on other web sites. When you put your badge on a site, it will be automatically updated and visible to anyone even to non-Facebook users. You can use this profile badge to replace blogger’s default profile widget which do not look cool. Facebook profile badge is nicely designed and gives a professional look to your blog.This badge also help to make your presence more strong to your blog reader.

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Add Facebook Badge Onto your Blog

  • First go to facebook to grab your badge and choose your badge type.
  • Copy the code given there. You can also customize the badge before copying the code by clicking on Edit this badge button.
  • Now sign in to your blogger blog and navigate to
Dashboard -> Layout -> Page Elements
  • Click on Add a Gadget button in the sidebar, a new window will open and choose HTML/JavaScript.
  • Now paste the code within HTML/JavaScript tab and save it.

That’s all. Now your Facebook badge will be displayed on your blog, see your blog with a new type of widget and enjoy!!!!!!!
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  1. This can really help optimize your followers in your blog.

  2. Thanks for this! It's helpful! I already have this actually, but your instructions are simple and easy to follow, so kudos!

  3. This is good, Facebook badge gives easy access to sharing which brings about traffic. Good post

  4. i have added mine too! great tips and post ! xx

  5. A must have in any blog, or website for that matter. :)

  6. another helpful tips thanks for the share