24 January 2013

Auto Blog Post on Twitter with Feedburner

Auto Blog Post on Twitter
Have you heard the term autopost?I guess yes,almost every blogger do know that.If not hen it is something which make auto publish your post on several social networking site as we blogger don't get enough time to do so manually.we know there is lots to do as a blogger but this will make your life easier.This can be done by several application but it's better  using Feedburner.

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Get Started With Feedburner

  • Log onto your feedburner account or create a new one here using your Google account
  •  After logging in navigate where to burn a feed and paste the feed URL you used for RSS Graffiti up there
publish smf topics to twitter

  • Press the Next button and insert your feed a title and address you can easily remember (but not necessary)
  • Now press the Next button and procedd. You should now notified that your feed has been burned.

  •  Just keep pressing the Next button till it’s all done
  •  When it’s all done, click the Publicize tab, then select Socialize from the links on the left

  •  On the next page, you’ll be asked to add a twitter account. Authorize the Feedburner app to access your Twitter account and that’s it! New forum posts will now be automatically tweeted using the profile you added in Feedburner.

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  1. Yes, I am doing it now. Every time I do have a blog post it is automatically posted to my Twitter and at the same time with my Facebook and Hootsuite Account. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My all blogs are connected with my twitter account with the help of Feedburner :) it's just awesome ...

  3. This is awsome, I have not seen this option yet. I have to try it out!

  4. Im going to try to figure this out. Thanks for the tip. Very informative.