29 January 2013

Auto Publish Blog Post on Fan Page with RSS Graffiti

auto post on facebookWe blogger don't have enough time to waste cause if you are in serious blogging you can found the ongoing competition on the blogging market in web.Another thing is we blog for our passion so we can never get bored from it but it is real boring to manually share our new post again and again on our Facebook fan page, right?It also waste our valuable times too. So, to help you guys, i will show you a way which will publish your blog posts automatically to Facebook fan page using 'RSS Graffiti.

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Get Started With RSS Graffiti

  • First of all, go to the RSS Graffiti.
  • Next select Add New Publishing Plan. Then put your blog's name and after that click on Create Publishing Plan.

  • Now press ADD NEW button in the SOURCES section.                                                         
  • Insert  your Blog's or Site's URL and then press  Add Source.


  • Now in the Feed Setup section,no need to write or change anything. But within SCHEDULING section, set Update Frequency as As soon as possible,Maximum Posts Per Update as System Maximum and Post Order Per Update as Publish older posts first and then press the save button there.

  • Again hit on ADD NEW button, but this time in the TARGET section.

  •  Now in the TARGET SETUP, Select your fan page in the Choose Target option and again choose your fan page in the Publish on Behalf of option also and then choose your POST STYLE (you can select any one from the three options) and then click on Save Changes.

  • Finally, enable your publishing Plan.

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That's it! Now whenever you will update a post on your blog, it will be automatically posted in your Facebook fan page within few minutes.Now you can spend that time on some serious blogging.Hope you'll like this.For more such updated stay tuned with us.Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Hmmm... I dunno but I prefer manual sharing of my blog entries. I love doing it!

    But for those who don't have much time, this might be so useful to them.. :D

  2. My blog posts auto-publish on Facebook and Twitter so that saves time :) However, I do share the links manually when I want to add a personalized message to each :)

  3. Mine auto-publishes, too, but I still repost them on my Facebook page. :)

  4. thats lovely....www.frabidel.blogspot.com