31 January 2013

Auto Update Blog Post With NetworkedBlogs


networkedblogIf you are a blogger you know how hard it is to manage time for writing a post and then publish into different social networking site for traffic.So here comes the need of autoposting.Since writing Auto publish Your Blog Posts to Twitter and Facebook getting popularity.we found many searches for “twitter auto post options”. While the options in this post work great for submitting blog posts to multiple sites, there is a singular option which works great to auto post your blog post to Facebook and Twitter both.It's called networkedblogs.

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It is an application that promotes your existing blog on Facebook and Twitter will also  helps you to discover new blogs.NetworkedBlogs is the biggest news reader on Facebook and twitter the two big social networking site. The easy news search helps you discover blogs based on popularity. You have over 3000 blog categories to explore. You become part of the largest blog reader community with over 500,000 blogs from around the world. With it  you can syndicate your own blog with your Facebook profile, fan page, groups, application and Twitter.
  • This application works with blogs from WordPress, Blogger, Posterous and more!

Get Started With NetworkedBlogs

  • Log onto your facebook account.
  • Go to NetworkedBlogs Facebook app homepage 
  • Then click Log In with Facebook button there.

  •  Next hit on “+Register a Blog” and follow the instructions.

  • Register your blog with all required data.Confirm your ownership,.go to the NetworkedBlogs Home Page and select  Blogger Dashboard.

  • After that hit on Syndication under Blogger Tools.

  • Now choose the Grant Permissions tab and then select Allow button
  • Next select your blog to syndicate and choose Add Facebook Target.

  • Then select your profile or fan page and click Add button.

Now you are almost done with networkedblog.Now its time to promote your blog on networkedblog network.
  • Invite your friends to follow your blog.
Invite your friends to follow your news and read your latest blogs posts.For that  on your blog page, select ‘invite friends to follow’.

  • Next add the NetworkedBlogs tab to your profile

Do this from your Edit Page > Apps > Edit Settings > Tab > Add

  • Then add the NetworkBlogs widget to your blog.

The widget will permits your readers to follow your blog directly from your blog.

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Hope it worked for you all.If you're facing any while doing this ask us through the below comment box.Those who are able to make it don't forget to share your view with us about this.Thank you.
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  1. I use this! This is what automatically posts my new blog entries on my Facebook profile and Twitter account. It's very usual in that sense :)

  2. It's a great application! I have it too.. Reading has become overwhelming though :)

  3. networked blog is very useful to me!! i am using also over my fb and gaining lots of followers! xx

  4. great post. I hav'nt yet this application in my blog.I think it can help to have more followers in my blog.thanks for posting this very useful info.

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