2 January 2013

Basic SEO Rules Google Uses to Rank Websites


seoDoing SEO is never easy.After Google’s Penguin update, everyone is looking for the answers and guidance about search engine optimization. For those who are asking one of the most frequent SEO questions that is how Google ranks websites on SERP ?After the latest Penguin update we'll here discuss  six new posting rules to bear in mind and follow. The following factors seems to be able to affect page ranking but this doesn’t mean that they are in Google’s ranking algorithm.Till we believe this basic rules will help you to stand out from those devastating google algorithm update in future or if your blog already been affected by this,it'll surely help to get rid of from this.

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Some Basic Factor To follow

  • Various Anchor Text 

The process goes like this. Google crawler counts the domains referring to your website and divides them by the number of anchored texts that others use to point at your blog posts or pages. So the rule is, the more links you have the larger the variety of the anchored text should be. Let us explain this with an example. Imagine that you have 1000 links made by 1000 different domains just by using 70 different anchored link texts. This will raise some flags to Google’s algorithm as unnatural. Try to anchor text to phases like: “Get more”, “Buy now”, “Learn more from here”, “Read Article” etc.

  •    Link Depth Amount

Counting from the homepage of your website to the deepest page level, there is a certain spread – links policy you should follow. Let’s say that your blog have100 indexed pages on Google and on those pages you have almost 160 links, those links must spread like this way -->Homepage: 30 links, Hight Traffic Pages: 20 links, Pages 1-10: 4 links each, Pages 10-30: 3 links each, Pages 30-50: 2 links each, Pages 50-100: no links.
  •   Top Level Domain Backlinks

Always try to get backlinks from a variety of domains. If all of your backlinks are coming from .com domains, google will not consider it as natural. It'll also consider as unnatural if all of your backlinks are coming from .org domains.
Here is an example of a good backlinking domain spread campaign: 50 % .com, 15% .net, 15% country based, 5% .org, 5% .info, and 10% for all other.
  •  Content Character Length

Spinning articles made by programs and not by humans tend to use words that are either extremely long or short. That is why you must remember when you're writing content  the average character number of every word must be around 5.5 characters.
  •  Time on Blog

The entire time of your blog visitor spend on your blog/site counts as an SEO factor.Now the first question arrive in your mind will be  how the hell Google does that,so here we've the answer for you.Google counts the time for which each user leaves the SERP to visit a site. The counting begins right  from the moment he/she is leaving the SERP until the moment he/she return back to the SERP to pick another site. This is something like bounce rate but now Google can count that time even if you are now using Google analytics.
  • Loading Time
Google also recently introduce blog loading time to rank your blog/website.So bloggers be careful about your blog's loading time.Try to use more,text instead of  javascript.Don't enlarge your blog using huge no. of photoes and videos,cause it may effect on your blog loading time and on your google SERP.Always try to use .png format images for your blog.

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Many people don’t like all of the rules and stipulations that Google puts into place when it 
comes to increasing page rank. Of course, Google is such a  search engine that most of people around the world use  to find something on the web, so anyone who owns a site realizes just how important it is to play by the Google rules when they are creating their site and adding content into it. Some try to make the content on their own, and others hire professionals to do it for them.So here we just provided the latest 6 SEO rules google consider to rank your site,hope it'll help our readers.
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