6 January 2013

How to add a Favicon to WordPress

How to add a Favicon to  WordPress
Today we're posting an important tip that “How to add a Favicon to  WordPress”.A favicon is a blog's  icon which is also known as a URL icon or a bookmark icon. It is that little image you see next to the URL in your browser’s address bar, or on the tabs.This icon generally represent your blog.You may also use it as blog logo.Here is a little blog tip to make your website or blog really stand out from the rest using a custom favicon for your selfhosted  wordpress blog..On WordPress by default, the favicon is set to the WordPress icon or does not contain anything at all (depends on the theme you choosen). Changing your Favicon consists of a simple procedure. By-the-way this can only be done for self hosted WordPress users so users of WordPress.com don’t expect for that.If you do want  that go for self hosted wordpress blog first.

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Add Favicon to Blogger

First of all you’ll need to create a Favicon or get a free ready made one. Here are some sources:
  • www.favicon.cc (create favicons)
  • www.faviconsr.us (Download ready favicons)
Your favicons don’t need to necessarily be a  .ico file, it can be any image file it could be  but make sure the size of the Favicon is not too big or you might realize the size of the Favicon is bigger than the rest of your web page. Also make sure sizes are square and 16×16, 32×32, 64×64 or 128×128. Other sizes would also probably work though it’s important to keep it small to make sure the Favicon looks sharp and high quality on your site.

Once you’ve got yourself a Favicon, upload your Favicon anywhere in your site directory or on any other free or custom web host. Once you have uploaded the Favicon open your template’s Header.php file in your WordPress admin panel (Presentation > Theme Editor) with the Theme editor.
Paste this code anywhere in the file:

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”faviconpath” />

Replace ‘faviconpath’ with the path of the Favicon. Once this is done save the settings and open your site. You should see your new Favicon next to your web URL on the address bar.
Alternately you can use this WordPress Favicon plug-in.All you do is go to your WP admin dashboard > plugins > add new. Simply paste the PHP file in your plug-ins directory, activate it and enter the path of the Favicon in the plug-in options.

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  1. This tip is so helpful especially those who are new to WordPress and I might use these tips soon if I decide to create a blog in WordPress. :D

  2. A very useful tip, especially to WP newbies. :)

  3. Now to think of favorite icons to add in my wordpress account.

  4. I do have a WordPress blog but I can't do this as of now. Up to now I have difficulty using my WordPress account.

  5. very nic , very help full

  6. preferably changing the header.php file. Avoid using plugin for this kind of easy hacks.