22 January 2013

How to Remove Blogger Page Title

Remove Blogger Post TitleBlogger gadgets and blogger tips are very common in current blogging context. They became an essential part of blogging for years now. So blogger widgets blogs are more popular than ever before on internet.

Recently one of my newbie blogger friends asked me “Can I remove the title of a blog page”. He asked me specially to remove the title of a page, not in a post. So I thought to make a post ofor those newbie bloggers on  “How to remove title of a blogger page”.

The removal of the title of a page gives a more professional look to the page. At the same time it gives more “Website” look than a “Blog” look into your blog. And also it is very easy to do this.


Compare left side image with right side image. Note that left side image has a title. But right side image doesn’t has a title.

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Remove Page Title

  •  First go to your DASHBOARD >> NEW POST >> EDIT PAGES
  • Then click on “New Page” tab
  •   Now add a title and make a page as usual

 Here comes the trick. At the moment you are in compose mode. Click the tab next to it which says “Edit HTML”

  •   Then copy the following code and paste it at the top of the HTML.

<style> .post h3 {display:none !important;} </style>

  •    Now preview your page.Is there any title so far?Isn't it

 That's it. Publish your post and enjoy.

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Now you know how to remove your title from your blogger pages. For this trick you don’t need to add any blogger widgets also.Hope you liked this post.To get more such posts be with us by subscribing our rss feed.
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  1. Cool! I'll try tweaking mine. :)

  2. great tip! I always learn something new from your site. i can use this because the recent PR shake made my blogspot PR3. time to take better care of my site starting with the layout hehe

  3. Thanks for this great tip. Very useful indeed. Will try tweaking my site. Thanks! :)

  4. nice tip .. http://latesthacksandtricks.blogspot.com/

  5. Cool. Now I know! This will surely help bloggers like me.

  6. You da bomb dot com. THANK YOU for this EASY fix!

  7. Works like a charm!!!! U rock, Thnxxxxx.......

  8. Is there a way to do this without it effecting the post titles? I'd like the titles on my blog posts to stay, while removing the static page titles. Thank you!

    1. It will not effect post titles,just give it a try and you'd understood how it works :)

  9. Hey thanks a lot for this :) Really helped with creating my homepage x

    Shooting My Journey x

  10. Al right. Thats successfully implemented on my blog. Thanks for the post.

  11. yesssss. thanks so much. quick and easy.

  12. Please help, i dont see where it says "Edit HTML"?

  13. Oh, man! Finally, someone who knows how to make EASY customizations to Blogger! Thanks a bunch! Now all I need to do is figure out how to move the background that annoying title was in down to match where it's placed on my main blog page (below the date).

  14. thanks man..it's work. god job

  15. Nice !!! It's worked...

  16. Used this! It worked like a charm! Thank you for taking the time to post this.

  17. Thank you, Debarpan; works a treat.