9 January 2013

Linkwithin Related Post thumbnail Widget


Linkwithin Releated Post thumbnail Widget
The LinkWithin Related Posts With Thumbnails Widget is highly popular among bloggers using every famous blogging platform like blogger,wordpress or anything else.With this widget no code needed to add to your blog and the script will automatically generate the posts to be listed. LinkWithin is easy to use and effective to build your blog audienceThis widget will surely make your blog more user friendly on the eyes of your audience..However there are some changes you may like to make to the widget in terms of appearance, Text and Position of the widget.In this post we will see how to do all these things.A screen shot of linkwithin related post widget is given.

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Add Linkwithin Related Post Widget

1.First go To Linkwithin
2.Fill up the form easily and do as they say. The screenshot below will help,

Linkwithin Releated Post thumbnail Widget 1

  3.   Keep the width to three stories i.e three thumbnails if your post width is less than 500px else you can go for more upto five.
  4.  Press the Get Widget button and then click the Install Widget link on the next page as shown below,
related posts linkwithin 2
  5. You can  Change the Title to Related Posts or anything you may want.

Linkwithin Releated Post thumbnail Widget 4

6.Now On your layout  page move the widget  below the posting area as shown below.

                                              Linkwithin Releated Post thumbnail Widget 3

The widget has now been added to your blog.


  • To Display The Widget  Only The Post Pages On Your Blog
If you are using the read more post summary feature on your blog then you may wish the widget displayed on the post pages only.So,to do that before hitting on add a widget option what you have to do is just Click the Edit Template Link

Linkwithin Releated Post thumbnail Widget 5
 Replace the code that you see with this one:

<b:includable id='main'><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'><data:content/></b:if></b:includable>

  • Change The Title Of Link Within Widget
Now click the Edit Content Link and add the following optional code just above the code inside the widget,

<script>linkwithin_text='Related Posts:'</script>

Replace Related Posts:  with any text you want.

  • Remove The LinkWithin Link Below Related Posts

Log on to dashboard>template>edit html>proceed and then search( cntrl+f) for ]]></b:skin> code tag and paste the below css code just above it.

#linkwithin_logolink_0 {display:none;}

Next save the template.

That's it!You sucessfully added this widget to your blog.If facing any problem regarding this,just use the comment box below.Keep visiting

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  1. Doing this on my blog now. Thanks for another helpful tutorial! :)

  2. Linkwithin's one of my widgets and I like it very much! ;)

  3. I have tried applying for this before only to find out that again, it won't work on wordpress-hosted blogs. Boohoo! So many limitations! Switching is tempting. :)

  4. I switched to blogger because many of the add-on features wont work on wordpress. But some say adding several of these will just slow down the loading process. Well...just have to try it then. Thanks again.

    1. No,this linkwithin widget doesn't effect your blog loading time,cause it loaded on the linkwithin servers.

  5. Thanks so much -- although I still can't get the linkwithin link off of my blog. Any other tips?

  6. Followed the steps and it worked out fine. But I can't see he post title below the related post thumbnail. Help!

  7. me too followed the above steps, and was able to install linkwithin but the related post thumbnails are blank. they do not show the post title.