10 January 2013

How to Make SEO Friendly Image

optimized ImageEvery blogger wants SERP for their blog but for they have to make their blog well optimized first.Images of your blog also take some important part in that context.You have to make your blog images well optimized.Blogger recently introduced a option to make this part more easy for you.Here we'll discuss about that,so don't worry.

Add Title and Alt Tag on Images

The process is simple just add an image in your blog post and then click on it, an option bar will shown.

SEO Friendly Image2

Click on Properties button and add Title Text and Alt Text.

 SEO Friendly Image for blogger

  • Change Image Name

Before you upload your images, rename your file name with rich keywords. For example the image of your Blogger icon should be blogger-logo.png instead of untitled1.png

You can separate the words of file name with hyphen (-) or underscore ( _ ) but most of the SEO expert suggest to use  hyphen (-) instead of underscore (_) as  it is more SEO friendly.

Use relevant keywords in Alt text Title text which will increase the priority of your content in the eyes of search engines but remember keep your alt tag limit within 160 character.More character can do harm also.  

  • Image Size

While determining the page rank of a particular website search engine takes important to the page loading time of the site which directly relates to the size of your images therefore think much  about the  image file size and format before uploading them to server and you should use .png format images as it take less loading time that other format images.

If your image are  larger in size then don't try to satisfy yourself by changing the height and width of image obviously this will not work. If your image has large in size then you can choose .png format instead of .jpg format.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.Thanks,keep visiting.
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  1. I was looking for this info.. thanks for sharing.. this will help me a lot.

  2. nice post.
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  3. I figured this out the other day after i discovered that I have this whooping 500 unattached photos on my self hosted wordpress blog. I stumbled upon some tutorials on how to do this as well. xx

  4. Thank you for sharing,this is such a big help. Especially to the newbie like me.

  5. I never knew about images being "SEO Friendly". Thanks mate for sharing such an informative blog.

    James Ron
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  6. Images are very important if you want to make your website more understandable and likable. But making it search engine friendly is an overhead which you must do it correctly so that it may not effect your website's ranking.

    Thank you for the information.
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  7. Informative article on SEO. Thanks!