2 January 2013

Recent Comments Widget for Wordpress

Recent Comments Widget for WordpressUsing recent comments on your blog is always a great thing to encourage your blog reader to make comments on your bog.You may already go through the recent comments widgets on several wordpress blogs while surfing the web.Now today  in this post we will discuss about such an plugin from wizzart.
This plugin offers a highly customizable feture widget to show recent comments of your visitors in your sidebars of your wordpress blog.The output is completely within your control for every widget with stunning features like custom tags and output styles.

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Special Features

    • Widget Styles : You can define css rules for each and every widget you placed in your blog sidebars. No need to edit any external css files on the server. The widget comes with a beautiful stylish feature  by default!
    • Comment Filters:It filter which comments you want as output (all, current category, single post/page comments, specific page etc.), and a lot more to come!
    • Comment Types: You can choose which types of comments are displayed and even mix them (or not): user, admin, trackbacks, pingbacks etc.!
    • Output Html: You can control exactly how you want your widget to output your comments with html.

    • Custom Tags: You can also mixup your html with a huge number of custom tags that provide you with often needed properties of the comments, authors, posts, categories.
    • Gravatar enabled: This Plugin supports the built in gravatar function of wordpress and also gives you the flexibilty of using it in your own way for the comment display.
    • Multiple widgets: (in multiple sidebars)this widget is completely supported and you can change all the settings for every single widget you've already used. There is no extra plugin page available cause they  think you don't need to polute the backend to be able to configure a great widget.

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    1. wow! great post im not a techy or naything but reading posts related to blogs or wordpress gives me a lot and additional knowledge! thx xx

    2. Thank you for your helpful tips on making our blogs look better with extra features. I would love to try them all as soon as I have the time.

      1. Yup,I guess it definitely gave your blog a better look,keep visiting our blog,thanks :)

    3. I actually use this widget on my blog! yay! Finally! Something I actually do myself! :D I'd like to believe that having this encourages other people to comment as well. :)

    4. I'm also using a recent comment plugin but mine is powered by jetpack.

    5. first to read about this.. hmm i'll try it. thanks for the share

    6. comments widget should be awesome like yours because it helps in building relationship with readers and engaging conversation ,many of the top bloggers like you have written about it and also give importance to it.thanks for sharing.comments widget for blogger