2 February 2013

Create A Free Professional website on Webs.com

webs.comBlogging getting popular day by days.Daily some new people entering in this,but very few of them have proper knowledge about blogging or webdesigning to make a proper good looking blog/website.Maybe sometimes you do want to make a blog something like other sites but due to lack of knowledge in this field may lost interest or even after entering this field suddenly leave.Yes many times it do happen.So,If you are wishing to make a professional looking website for your personal purposes,without having much webdesigning skill then webs.com is best for you.

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Feature of webs.com

  • professional looking website 
  • build your profesional,business or personal  website within a minute absolutely free
  • no need to know webdesigning languages like css,html,javascript,php,python etc.
  • Webs drag and drop SiteBuilder requires no technical knowledge at all.
  • webs.com offers you a free yourname.webs.com subdomain for totally free and  30 day free trial for a .com domain.Later if you like it then you can also buy it or you can choose any custom domain.
  • on built awesome looking free templates

Get started With webs

    1.Go to Webs.com.
    2.Get started-Once there, sign up on the right side of the page. Enter your valid email address cause you have to validate that, create a password, and choose the type of site you want: business, group/organization, personal etc. Then press on "Get Started."

    3.Set up your account-The registration continues on the next page. Type in the password again. Then come up with a site address for your website. Lastly, choose a title for your website.

    Set up your account.

    4.Choose a template-There are a variety of templates for you to pick for your website. If you like a particular design but prefer a different colour, click on it and sroll over the color icons below to view the choices.

    5.Choose pages for your site-A Homepage is a must, so it is checked for you already. You can add and delete pages at any time. The recommended pages shown there are- photos, members, news, contact, videos, forum, blog, and a calendar

    6.Finally, click "Create My Website." Once you have read the Terms of Service and checked the box indicating that you have agreed with that, you are ready to launch your very own website! Be up-to-date with your site to make others interested and coming back, and tell your friends and family to check it out.

    Finally, click "Create My Website.

    Hope you found this helpful.If you got any problem let us inform using the comment box below.We'll try our best to solve it at our earliest.Thanks for visiting,keep tuned by subscribing us through the rss feed for more such updates.

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    10 comments: Leave Your Comments

    1. First time to hear about this site. Checking it out now. :)

      1. Yup,you should.The template they provides are simply awesome.

    2. Oh only heard about this from your site. I am seriously considering a fashion and beauty site hence i am exploring website and blog platforms. Will have a closer look. thank you for sharing!

    3. Wix is a good website builder i seen ever ;;-)


    4. Perfect timing. Thinking of getting my own domain. Will explore this more. Thanks! :)

    5. I love webs.com. A great web 2.0 property for me :)

    6. Hi Admin ,

      Very Good Site builder Webs is really amazing :) Thanks for sharing :)

    7. Webs is a very nice free site builder and great looking designs.

      Questions though...

      Until when can i have my free website?

      My website has been running for almost 3 years under free account. But on the first year i deleted the site accidentally but was able to create a new one in few days under the same free domain name. So basically the site has not reached 2 years yet.

      What will happen if ill upgrade to a paid acct?

      With my sites link posted on different forums, blogs, social networks and etc... what will happen if a client will click on that link? Will they be redirected to my new paid website?

      Getting a good position on rankings using a free hosting is not that simple, but its not impossible.

      If ill upgrade my account, will i start from scratch? In some keyword, my site will appear 2nd from the top search result from google but mostly on d 4th or 7th but still its okey since its on d first page result, and our business highly rely on clients reviews and referrals. So mostly of our successful deals came from referrals who have read our credibility from reviews in blogs and forums but getting a good rank in search results is always important.

      Operating a business in almost three years and it means ive been using this free domain name also for almost three years.

      If ill upgrade my free account what will happen to my domain name? This free domain name has already a paid version website under d same domain name . Com (without the webs) but didnt used that paid website because didnt liked how it was designed, now the domain name is being parked in go daddy. Will i still be able to use that domain name if ill upgarde my account with webs?

      Thanks in advance for those who will give time to answer.

    8. You have such nice post, I really liked it, Thanks for share, I will be come back to your net post.. Good luck!!!Web Site Design Professional

    9. Apart from the solutions that were shared by fellow members here, there are various other free website builders available too which allow small business owners to create a professional website. I recently used http://www.webstarttoday.com and found extremely easy and comfortable to use. It also offers a lot of features like attractive designs, content, uploading of images and videos, photo gallery, SEO, monitoring, hosting, domain name purchase etc.