21 February 2013

Enable Comment Moderation on Blogger

Enable Comment Moderation on Blogger
Blog comments is always a major part of our blog.Comment section,comments,commentors and obeviously your active response to these comments.Sometimes we can't get enough time to response each and every single comments posted by several visitors,we may missed  many unanswered question asked by our blog commenters,so to fix that problem we need comment moderation so that we can moderate every single comments being posted into our blog and answer them properly.There is also another reason available behing this comment moderation,if your blog have high PR and well amount of traffic then spammers will love to spam your comment section with their spammy blog url links.So enabling comment moderation you can get rid of this also

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Enable Comment Moderation on Blogger

  • First log onto your Blogger Dashboard.
  •  Next Click on your Blog Title.
  • Navigate to Settings tab from the left panel.

  •  Now move onto Posts and comments tab.
  • Scroll down and find Comments section under there.
  • There you'll be able to find out Comment Moderation setting with three options - Always, Sometimes and Never. Select preferable option suite to your needs.


This option will make enable moderation for comments whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog. So you have to review all comments before they get published. Once you selected this option, optionally you will be able to enable comment moderation via email too. Add your email in Email moderation requests to field if you would like to moderate comments via email. Else you can moderate comments as usually through the Comments tab.


This option also allow you to moderate comments which will be made on your older posts. You can select which posts need comment moderation by specifying a number of days in For posts older than field. Additionally you'll able to moderate comments via email by specifying your email in Email moderation requests to field. Else use Comments tab to moderate comments.


This option is use to disable comment moderation and comments will be published right away.

  •  Now Save settings. and you're all done.
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  1. After dealing with an anti-fan last year, I changed the comment settings on my blog - from auto publish to moderated. :)

    1. yeah,cause sometimes some comments made us really embarrasing :ar!