20 February 2013

Insert Hyperlink on Blogger Comments

Insert Hyperlink on Blogger Comments
Commenting on other's blog is always a good way  to interact with other fellow bloggers as well as build traffic for your newly made blog.Comments always take an important part on the blogging for all such reasons.It do have some great importance.if our blog is suffering from low traffic then commenting can be the most easiest way to boost this up.If you wanna drive traffic into your blog through commenting you must know what is hyperlink or anchor text and how to put this into comment box.Hyperlink or anchor text is clickable text which may consist of some url link,whenever reader click on it,he/she'll drive into that url consisitng blog automatically.So if you do put it on several popular blog's comment section and visitors accidentally click on it you'll get a visitor from ther.Isn't it interesting?So if you wanna use this you have to know how to put hyperlink on blogger comment box and today we're going to share the tutorial with you.

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Insert Hyperlink on Comments

  • First write the comment which you want to then insert the below code as shown below to leave  a link.

    <a href="Add your link Here">Your Keyword Here</a>

  • Check the below screenshot.

  • Once you comment click on Preview to confirm whether you have inserted the link properly or not.

  • Now if the preview looks fine then everything is set ready ,you can now publish your comment.
Hope it'll surely increase visitor on your blog,but as this comments are considered as spam comments,so don't use it too much.

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