12 February 2014

Make Your PC Startup First Disabling Unwanted Startup programme


 Make Your PC Startup First Disabling  Unwanted Startup programmeMost of the  applications creates an entry automatically when you your pc startup whether you are using it or not, It consumes the RAM memory and make your pc slow.You can improve overall system performance and boot time of your computer by getting rid of programs you do not wish to run in the background,To reduce your pc startup time you need to remove those unwanted startup application which took some extra times and enlarge your pc startup time. .So here we're going to discuss about how to disable those unwanted startup programmes

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How to disable unwanted start up programmmes

  • First  Click the start button and type msconfig within the search box and press enter. (If you are using windows xp then  go to Run and write  msconfig)

  • Next  You'll get system configuration window,there choose the startup tab

  • Now go through the list disabling program you don't need and just  uncheck those box left of them. These effects would take place next time you'll start your PC.

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That's it,you're all done.If you do have any query regarding this tutorial do ask through comment box below.Thanks for visiting.
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  1. Thanks for this guide!! :)

  2. This is only true for Windows users, right? If I'm using Linux system, does the same thing happen?

  3. Yes, our pc is running slow because of all the things running. I hope to do this one of this days

  4. Windows takes a lot of time to start up so this really helps.