8 March 2013

BlogDash for Bloggers


what is blogdashBeing a blogger we all do know the importance socila media site,as an example you may take facebook.com,it's the most used socila media site in these days.These kind of social media sites do help a lot for our blog's promotion and etc. If we are using all these social media account and so are our friends and family, why wouldn’t brands want in on?Don’t you wish there was a place you could just list your blog and brands could just choose the blog that fits the niche? Here comes the purpose of Blogdash.com.It is a social media database that’s here to help bloggers

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Reason of Choosing BlogDash

As a blogger BlogDash gave you to choose opportunities that fits what you’re looking for. Brands are able to find bloggers that fit their brands needs. It’s really a easy process, you list your blog, search for brands and pitch. Same thing for brands seeking bloggers, search and pitch!

BlogDash is completely free for bloggers to join. You can choose between different opportunities that you’re interested in being contacted about. BlogDash will never spam your email, and they have a super badge which you can also add to your blog.

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If you’re a blogger and want to work with brands you choose, just try BlogDash for once. I cannot explain you  much  about BlogDash, I just joined myself. So far the site seems to be well organized.  I like the part when you set up your profile you can add all your blogs,which is a pretty cool thing.  Everything is neat and clean.BlosDash really allows you to supply brands with great information.  When you sign up you’ll set up your profile, which is just like a resume for you blog.  I’ve really enjoyed my experience on BlogDash so far!Have you already joind BlogDash then share your experience if not then you must.Happy Blogging!!!!
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  1. I've heard of Blog Dash before, though I haven't had the chance to fully understand the site. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I haven't heard of Blog Dash thanks for posting this, will definitely check this out.

  3. good one, am gonna give it a trial