4 March 2013

Disable Anonymous Commenting on Blogger


Disable Annoymous Commenting on BloggerYou started a blog with some good quality along with unique content and a very good blogging skill of yours.You made some well optimization and get a high pagerank from google on their certain update as well.Suddenly your blog started being flowed with spam commenters spamming hyperlink and google become take down your blog in their SERP and your blog also lost it's high pagerank.We guess if it happens with you and your blog you'll surely not felt quite good.So what you have to do to protect this is just stop anonymous comments on your blog and here are the tutorials below.

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Disable Anonymous Commenting

  • Log onto your Blogger Dashboard
  • Then goto  Settings tab
  • Next move onto posts and comments tab

  • In the comments tag, you can see an option  'who can comment?' followed with 4 options to choose.

Anyone -Indicates as  Anonymous commenting is permitted
Registered users -Indicates as users with Google account or open Id can comment
User with Google Account -Indicates as Only the Google account users can comment
Only members of this blog - Indicates as Only your blog members can comment

Make your choice there. Choose any preferences except Anyone and it disables anonymous commenting on your blog

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Now your blog is almost spam free and don't need to get much worry about the spammers.Happy and Safe Blogging!!!!!!!!
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  1. This would look better as the anonymous commenting can looks bad on the site.

  2. Oh yes! I know now what to do with the annoying comments on my sites. Thanks again.

  3. I think blocking anonymous comments is a good thing because those comments might just be spam.

  4. This is super useful!! I mean I've been getting a lot of spam comments and I find it bothersome to delete them one by one :(

  5. You have to design customized CMS to handle the the blog comments on your website. I will approve the comments if that does not have any spamming content.
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