5 March 2013

How Blogging Helps Student


How Blogging Helps Students
Student life is the best life as per we all know.This life make us to learn everything very enthusiastically.If we staretd learn anything during that time it'll surely getting more easy for us.So it is the perfect time to start anything and become an expert on future.As per we all know most of the blogger are students and the current well known bloggers were also students when they started their bloggin carrier.With respect to that thought those newbie bloggers are coming up on these days are all students or just finished their student life.So from that point of view we assume that maximum blogger are students,but the question is why a student should choose blogging?Does it help them anyway?If yes then how much and that is today’s topic.

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The Way It Helps a Student

  •       Future Carrier

That’s one of the main reason behind this.Blogging can make our carrier bright in future.A student who do want to himself a well settled person infuture must choose blogging for his/her future

  •      Money:

Money is also one of the main reason behind blogging.If do want to get some extra cash as per pocket money during school days will also be interested in blogging,cause we do know  many blogger who really earning million through blogging
  •      Friends:

In any kind of business friend can take a great character to make it successful,as per blogging this happens too,just as an example you may take the owner of facebook Mark Zuchenberg,whose friend make his website popular at the beginning by joining them and only in student life we can get such friend to make your blog popular,so that also another reason students should take interest on blogging
  •      Social Connection:

Social activity is also major part to make a blog popular and I guess in this matter students are at the top.Cause we do addicted on facebook,twitter,google plus,linkdin,rediff,myspace etc.Which also a help a student on their blogging

  •        Passion:

In any work if you do passionate then you’ll successed one day,no matter how struggle you faced and as per my experience students are the most passionate people in the earth,which is also one of the major part do students choose blogging.

  •      Time

In today’s catrace time take an important role in all things,no matter what the thing is.In blogging we do have to spend some time on our blog to make it well grown and only a student can efford that on his busy schedule.

  •      Education

Blogging also help a student in  his educationIt do make his writing skil good,better and best.Blogging help a student to learn how to interact with people through commenting on other’s blog and and answering question of the reader on his/her own blog.It also help him/her to learn something new everyday from other bloggers.

As a student  we do realize some facts why a student should choose blogging,hope you all will like it and after reading this post we  also hope many more student will take interest on blogging.If we do missed something then plez let us know on comment.Thank you
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  1. Blogging can really help students also improve their writing and english skills plus help them build their network.

  2. When I was a student, I didn't really take blogging seriously. I wrote emotion - driven several essays and poetry though in a journal online that I don't really promote. I started my current blog when I started working and now, I am enjoying some of the perks you mentioned above :)

  3. SUPER BIG HELP. Especially if your blog is more about information that can help students to their studies.

  4. Blogging is a good way for students to exercise their writing skills and channel out their creativity. :)

  5. Wonderful, You have made it very helpful for students to understand about Blogging ideas. These are worth reading it. I appreciate your post.
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  6. I was a working student back in my university days. but if blogging then was accessible (15 years ago huh), i would have opted for it. it is far more profitable haha

  7. I blog mostly for fun. IDK that there's that much money in it... if there is someone owes me big time!!! jk lol

  8. That's a cool article about ' Student : Blog '

  9. Hi Debarpan,
    Blogging really helps in many ways.It helps us to increase our communications skills and many more.Thanks For Sharing!1

  10. in my case bloggging has improved my communication skill and have brought me some bucks.......................

  11. Blogging indeed good for student. Improve writing skill, and also it is a platform for exchange of opinion.

  12. blogging is good for students to be sharp by writing in english words and learn how to be more socialize while they're studying. also they will learn more about whats the real deal in this world just by bloghopping and reading other blogs they will learn too! xx

  13. Blogging is a good outlet for students to express their thoughts as it is crucial for knowing who they are and what they want to be in the near future. By the way, great post! :)

  14. Blogging really helps especially when you want to share something like your thoughts and opinions, your recent travels or latest in technology. It's a hobby that you can't just set it free. :D

  15. I started blogging 15 days before and I have noticed that my writing skills are developing day by day. most important thing blogging increase the knowledge

  16. I need to make some money, university dosn't pay for itself! Nice article.

  17. This is an awesome article.