3 March 2013

How to Get Millions of Social Subscriber Easily


How to Get Millions of Social Subscriber Easily
We all know how social subscribers are important for our site’s promotion.It really help us to get traffic,so are you crazy about getting millions of social subscribers like twitter follower,facebook fan pagelikes,pinterest follower,google plus circles,youtube subscriber and many more?Then this is the perfect article for you.There are many sites which provides you such feature in absolutely free.Among these sites ADDMEFAST.COM is the best.
ADDMEFAST is a promotional exchange system where people all round the world subscribe each others. Now you would be thinking are these likes are real? Yes,it’s not a autobot system  it provides quality real human subscribers. Moreover, it is totally legal and you will never have any trouble in feature.

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How to Use AddMeFast

  •      Register a Free Account: First thing first go to  AddMeFast.com and register your account with correct Email address because before you could start using your account, you have to verify your email address to prove your identity.

  •      Earn Free Points: After registering and verifying your Email Address, login to your account.Now you’ll get 50 bonus points for joining. Now once you have logged in you have to subscribe other pages to earn points. These points will help you to increase your likes the more you earn points, the extra like you will get..You can also get 50 bonus points after subscribing each 10 subcribers there by going to to the Bonus Points section on the left side bar. Following is the list of services that could earn you free points
·         Facebook Likes
·         Facebook Share
·         Facebook Subscribers
·         Google Plus Circles
·         Twitter Follower
·         Twitter Tweets
·         Twitter Retweets
·         Twitter Favourites
·         Instagram Follower
·         YouTube Subscriber
·         YouTube Views
·         Pinterest Followers
·         Sound Cloud Follower
·         Website Hits

  •        Adding Site: Now when you have sufficient amount of earned points then you can add your Sites and can start increase Subscribers. So press Add Site/Page present on the left side of your Screen.

  •      Type: In this section select on which social website you want to get followers since we are using it to increase Facebook likes so we will select “Facebook Likes” you can select anything according to your interests.
  •      Title: Enter the title of your page.
  •      Site/Page URL: Either insert the URL of your Facebook page or any link that you want to target for subscribe.
  •      CPC: Here you have to select how much points you will give to that person who will like your page. The more higher you bid, the faster likes you will receiver.
  •      All Done: Now Save it and within few hours you will see a significant increase in your Fan page likes. Don’t worry once your Earned point got exhausted you can earn more by liking other pages and could continue to enjoy. Moreover, you can refer your friends and on each refer you will get 200 points.

Other Features

ADDMEFAST also allows some premium plans->

  • You may use their premium plans where you don’t need to subscribe others insteadof you have to buy point via paypal 
  • It also allow Affiliate programs to getting point through referral banners on your sites,you google plus and twitter share referrals as well.


  • You could only allocate the points you have in your account.CPC (Coins per click - Payout for each click from users) Select in between 5 to 10 to increase your likes faster. 
  • If you select 1 to 4 it will receive likes but very slowly. 

When your allocated points finishes you can again start liking pages and can earn points once again

Hope it’ll help you to increase social subcribers of your sites.There are also some other sites like

  • http://www.artmeo.com
  • http://socialjumbo.com
  • http://shareyt.com
You may also use these. So if  we were you, I would register for an account on all  these sites, you know what we mean :) thanks for visiting.

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  1. I'd still go with having hard earned followers.

  2. Thanks for sharing, though like Franc, I'd rather do it the hard way. ;)

    1. The way you're interested is always good,but some advertisers like buysellads.com are interested on those sites which have huge amount of followers and in that case those sites help us to get some extra money :)

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