9 March 2013

Make Money with Fiverr

Make Money with fiverr
After completing your study looking for some job?After getting rejected several times looking for some online income?Or you may looking for some pocket money while studing?Then you just landed onto perfect place.Here is something which can give you the chance to get some real money online.The name is fiverr.com  it is perfect for you,Nowadays Everyone is running for one   dream and that is earn some money via online.In that respect fiverr.com is well enough for you and especially for bloggers,who do have some internet skill.This is one of the best way to earn money online and it's not scam like other online programms.

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For starters, its real work for real money. Other sites make you see ads or do stuff that dont add value to the market. How are you supposed to earn from something that doesnt add value to the market?

On Fiverr you sell your Real Work for 5$ at a time..But you'll get $4 (they keep $1 for handling everything).

Curious? You can go for example:

  • Design a Logo;
  • Compose a Poem;
  • Draw a funny personalized cartoon
  • Record yourself stating the name of the buyer's company

Anything, use your talents to finally earn some cash.

How Fiverr Works

Find out what youre good at and set up a gig on it. Offer a service, in the short term you will receive a buyer that orders your service and pays you for it. Complete the service and the user will leave you a feedback - positive feedback = +Sales.

Its really simple. Some buy, some sell - for five.

But let's say you become a great seller and start having lots of orders, wouldnt you deserve more for the comissions your giving the site?
Yes you do, thats why Fiverr has a leveling system for sellers.

  • Level One Sellers: Sellers who made at least 10 orders, with excellent ratings and track record are automatically promoted to Level 1. At this level, you gain access to features that enable you to offer advanced services and generate a higher income.

  • Level Two Sellers: Sellers who made over 50 orders in the past two months, while maintaining excellent ratings and track record will be automatically promoted to Level 2. This level unlocks additional features allowing to increase sales for more advanced sellers, including priority support.

  • Top Rated Sellers: Top Rated Sellers are chosen manually by Fiverr moderators from a list of Level 2 Sellers based on criteria including: seniority, volume of sales, extremely high rating, exceptional customer care and community leadership.

As a Top Rated Seller you'll gain access to more extensive features than previous levels including early access to beta features and VIP support.

So at the top of having the opportunity to sell your service, you even get the chance to place some add-ons on it for extra cash.

Get Repeated Sells on Fiverr

  •  Be polite: This is very important since polite sellers get good reviews and no one is going to buy your service again if you were less then enchanting. You need to be polite and willing to answer a few questions.

  • Be personalized: Why would someone buy your same ebook twice? If you can make it personalized to your buyer it might take more time for your gigs but you drastically increase the odds getting more money from your customers.

  • Reviews: Reviews are everything no one wants to be the first to buy your service since they are taking a risk on the quality however if you do something to get your first customers to write good reviews you'll get some more business so what i do sometimes if offer another mini service included for the first 5 buyers to entice customers. Also they are often grateful enough to right a good review.

Make Your Ad Standout on Fiverr

When posting in fiverr you are competing for business against every other post. You need to make your ad stand out to attract potential buyers. The key on how to make money on fiverr is to stand out
  •   Videos help entice potential buyers they improve the validity of your offer and you can use the video to ensure your potential buyers of the quality of your product or service. It also can be done to separate your offer with the tons of other offers.
  •  A great title. Titles are the first thing that your potential customers will see when considering your service it needs to be concise but state the most essential points. It should also contain at least one or two of the tags you intend to use for your ad.
  •  A customized picture can be an insight to your abilities this is especially important for when you are offering to sell an item or do something artistic. A picture is really worth a thousand words and often gets more attention initially then the description.
  •  An enticing description is absolutely needed to convince your buyer to buy your service. The description is seen by those who were interested enough in your title and picture to look even more into your gig. Use this description to finalize the sale and ensure a buy.
  •  Reviews are something that makes your ad stand out just a little bit more. A ton of great ads flaunting their way on your gig will leave the viewer almost unable to avoid purchasing your enticing article.

Receive Money From Fiverr

So you have made some sales and are starting to wonder how to get that money out, to redeem it to your "real life", for material use.

Well, the best way is to collect via Paypal. Paypal is arguably the best payment processor online, and it is totally safe for you to use, if you plan on doing LEGAL activities, as Paypal bans its users if it detects fraud. By Paypal you can send your earnings to your bank account. Of course paypal charges you a fee for the transfers so from your 4$ youll have left some 3.81$.

Yes I mentioned 4$ and not 5$ because 1$ of your gig goes directly to Fiverr, its their comission. Its a big chop, but remember, if it werent for them, you wouldnt have this chance anyway....

Its simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Earn
  2. Withdraw to Paypal
  3. Withraw from Paypal to Bank account.


Some Fiverr Alternatives

Already there have been thousands of listings from tweetings articles, creating design work, recording audio, producing video and much more all for just $5 a pop.
It didn’t take long for this idea of micro job websites to catch on and now we’re seeing quite a rise in competitive websites just like Fiverr.
The following are seven micro job websites where you can earn an additional $5, $10 or $20 doing simple jobs of your choosing.

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Hope you enjoyed the post.Do you know anyother websites like those?Please let us know via comment box.

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