5 March 2013

What is Copyscape?

Are you being aware of content thief  of your site?If not then you must.This is become the biggest threat for every blogger.These content thief not only harm your blog by coping your blog's content without permision but also affect your blog's rank position on search resuls.In those cases we need something which can protect you from that and this is the purpose of Copyscape.com.This is the no. 1 online tool help you to find who and where your content's being copied and help you take action against it.

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Copyscape Working Process

To find whether your content is being copied or not,what you have to do is just goto Copyscape and put your sites desired page url and hit search.After a few moment copyscape will show you the duplicate content and it's url on the search page results.Copyscape only consider those post  which have 40% of similarity of total content as copied content and show you only those post urls from various sites.


Copyscape also do have some limitation of veryfing a content whether it is copied or not
  • Free user can check their sites whether it's being copied or not on a certain limit whether premium user don't have any such limit.
  • Copyscape only check for texts,it's not worked if you go for checking any images of your sites

Similar Sites

There are also some similar online plagiarism tool available on the internet-
  • Plagspotter.com
  • Plagium.com
  • Plagiarisma.net
  • Duplichecker.com
  • Copygator.com

Hope this'll help to be safe from content thief.Have you already used some?Let us know about your experience.

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  1. Actually the price of the copyscape premium is very low. Should get it if you can.

  2. I use myfreecopyright on mine. :)

  3. Great tool! But I am using UN.CO.VER to check articles if they are unique. Works great for me :)

  4. This is very useful for bloggers like us. In fact, I'm going to try this right now :)

  5. Wordpress actually sends me a pingback when they notice content on other websites that's the same as mine. Then I can either approve or disapprove those.