27 April 2013

5 Effective Way to Get Traffic on Your Blog


5  Effective Way to Get Traffic on Your Blog
Free traffic is really awesome. The main goal with them, other than to create profits, is to actually generate an 'advertising war chest' to use on paid advertising, which will scale your business even further.

So if you are not getting enough traffic,you can't be able to get the desired result you really want.So, how could you use free marketing strategies to create a traffic flood?Don't worry we're always here for you.Today  we're going to tell you 5 time-tested marketing strategies that don't cost a nickel:

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Marketing Strategy You Should Apply

  •  Forum Traffic

This is what we do on daily basis to get easy, instant and organic traffic.We just made a list of 5 high-trafficked forums that are relevant to this blog niche then I just create an attractive signature promoting this site and post new content to it regularly.We either start interesting new threads to get opens and traffic or post informative replies to existing threads that are receiving a lot of attention from forum peoples.
  • Video Marketing

Submit high-quality tutorial videos to YouTube to get super targeted traffic to your website. A video can easily get 10-20 times more traffic than article, so this is a strategy you will definitely want to use.
  • Article Submissions

Articles submission is an 'old' but ultra effective method of promoting your blog or site and branding yourself as an expert. Submit 2 articles a day and after just a few months, you will be experiencing an avalanche of traffic.

  •  Press Release

Although paid press releases are the ideal option as they get you more exposure, submitting free PR is also a real way of getting traffic. Simply search for 'free press releases' on Google to find places to submit your PR for free.
  • Blogging

Creating a free blog and using it to attain high search engine placings is also a great way to funnel traffic back to your website. Your blog can be the 'tunnel' to your sales page or opt-in page where you direct prospects to.

If you do research something else on your blog and this helps you to get some real traffic on your blog then must share it with us,so that we can also learn something more.If you do like this tutorial then forget to subscribe our rss feed to stay updated with us.Thanks for visiting.Happy blogging guyz!!!
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  1. Indeed These are Greatest way to Boost Up Blog's Traffic! I've Also Written a Post on Using Forums to Take Benefit For Bloggers u Can Also Check that :)

    1. I have already checked that and it's nice too :)

  2. Yes, press release is a good way to add content and traffic to your site.

  3. Good job! It's really helpful especially for beginners.

  4. Nice tips. I haven't tried yet the article submission and press release.

  5. These are very good tips to increase blog traffic. Haven't tried most but will definitely check them out now that I know of this.

  6. If I blog just about general stuff mostly food and travels, which forum would you advise me to join?

  7. press release and giveaways somehow make it a nice way to get some traffic

  8. Great ideas on how to get free topic. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great tips. I think I will try the press release and article submission soon.

  10. I'm an active member of a forum. I agree that it helps me gain more traffic.

  11. I think this post will help me to earn much traffic. Thanks for sharing your idea .