24 April 2013

Add Google Plus Comment to Blogger

Add Google Plus Comment on Blogger
Those who don't have enough money to go for a paid hosting platform do prefer to use blogger as free hosting sites cause of it's extreme user friendly features and provided by the Google itself.Blogger Is the one of the most popular blogging platform today and it's still adding some latest feature for blogger users,google plus comment system is one of them just like the previous improvement of blogger HTML editor..Which blogger added just a few days ago.It is way to connect your blogger blog with google plus more efficiently.

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Features of Google Plus Comment System

  • New Google+ Comments look similar to traditional Blogger comments, but have some important factor why they are best then all other comment system. For example:When you leave a comment on a blog,you'll see the option, checked by default, to also share that comment to Google+.this is best where every google+ user posting his comment to all blog entries without login other program. 
  • Google+ posts that link to blog posts will show up as a comment underneath those blog posts so your post are live in all search result and sharing your post every time with your comment.
  • As the blog author of a post, you’ll receive all Google+ notifications when visitor comment on your post or share your blog post.
  • when Your blog readers comment to your post will now have the see the option comment publicly or privately to their circles on Google+. And when your friends browsing your google+ updates, they can view all of them.that's way you can increase your blog and article popular and getting more visitor.  

Add Google Plus Comment System on Blogger

  • Go to blogger dashboard
  • Connect your blog to google+ 
  • Go to google+ where you find "use google+ comment on this blog" just enable that check box.

That's it.If still your blog don't have that comment system do the following steps then.

  • Go to blogger dashboard,click on the template tab from the left sidebar, and then click on edit HTML.
  • From the code editor, press Ctrl + F, and search for the following line of code

<div class='comments' id='comments'>

  • Immediate after this line, add the following code.

<div class='cmt_iframe_holder' expr:data-href='data:post.canonicalUrl'expr:data-viewtype=' data:post.viewType'/>

  • Now save the template and you're done


  • Users need to use their Google account ID, which can be a bit of a problem for readers who are using alternatives.
  • If you change the URL of your blog, for example when you are migrating to another domain or re-branding, you will not be able to migrate these comments, and they will all be deleted.
  • It also increase your blog loading speed,which is certainly not a pretty good thing.

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  1. Do you think all the comments will be deleted? I want a user-friendly comment system on the blog. And blogger-friendly too.