26 April 2013

Change Profile Pic In WordPress Admin Bar

Change Profile Pic In WordPress Admin Bar

There are many of wordpreess user out there,as we all know wordpress is also one of the most commonly used blogging platform just as blogger.So it is obevious people used this platform to make blogging career and also love play tweak with it just like we love to tweak with blogger as a blogger user.Hope every wordpress user saw the profile pic in their wordpress admin bar.Do you?Want to change your profile pic in your wordpress admin bar, but don’t know how? Here I will teach you  how to do it.

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Setup Email Address on Wordpress

  • Login to your account.
  • From your dashboard, click your default gray profile pic on the upper right side of your dashboard and it will be navigate you to your profile page.
  • Scroll down and you will see your  “Contact Info”.
  • Then “Email (required)” field under  “Contact Info”.
  • Add your valid email address then save.
  • After that go to the next step.

Add Email Address in Gravatar

  • Login to your Gravatar account or if you don’t have you must create your account.
  • Go to My Account >> Add An Email Address then add your valid email address.
  • Then make it primary.
  • Go to ”My Account” again then “Add An Image” upload your photo.
  • After you uploaded your photo go to “Manage My Gravatars”.
  • Select image to use for the selected email.
  • If you did this instructions correcty go back to your wordpress and wait for atleast 5 mins to appear your new profile pic.

NOTE:This tutorial is made for self hosted wordpress only.
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  1. Now I can personalize my self hosted wp. Thank you for posting brilliant ideas. :)

  2. Sometimes small tips help! Nice sharing